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Show Cattle Sticks

Stick Calm by Weaver

  • Slides on the end of your show stick to aid in calming your animal in the show ring
  • Three rows of staggered teeth provide massaging action
  • Perfect for cattle sensitive to a show stick’s metal hook
  • Also great to relax animal during clipping

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Cattle Show Sticks in Traditional Colors:
Green, Black, Red, Silver, Blue and Burgundy

  • Quality-made show stick in traditional colors!
  • The Best Stick On the Market!
  • Comfortable Golf Style Grip
  • Strong aluminum shafts and very durable tips
54" Cattle Show Stick - Green VCESHOWSTICK54-G Ordering Information
54" Cattle Show Stick - Black VCESHOWSTICK54-BK Ordering Information
54" Cattle Show Stick - Red VCESHOWSTICK54-R Ordering Information
54" Cattle Show Stick - Silver VCESHOWSTICK54-S Ordering Information
54" Cattle Show Stick - Blue VCESHOWSTICK54-BL Ordering Information

60" Cattle Show Stick - Black
VCESHOWSTICK60-BK Ordering Information
60" Cattle Show Stick - Red VCESHOWSTICK60-R Ordering Information
60" Cattle Show Stick - Silver VCESHOWSTICK60-S Ordering Information
60" Cattle Show Stick - Blue VCESHOWSTICK60-BL Ordering Information
60" Cattle Show Stick - Burgundy VCESHOWSTICK60-M Ordering Information

68" Cattle Show Stick - Black

VCESHOWSTICK68-BK Ordering Information

Weaver Cattle Show Sticks in Trendy Colors:
Lime Zest, Orange Crush & Pink Fusion

Quality-made show stick in fun, on-trend colors!
Features a 54" shaft and a rubber handle for a comfortable grip.

54" Lime Zest
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60" Lime Zest
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54" Orange Crush
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54" Pink Fusion
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Specialty Cattle Show Sticks:
Pink Leopard, Camo, Zebra & Treadplate

Patterned show sticks have never been seen in the industry before, so don’t miss these new fun patterns to complete a youthful and trendy look in the show ring! This quality aluminum shaft show stick features a rubber handle for a comfortable grip

54" Pink Leopard VCESHOWSTICK54-PL
60" Pink Leopard VCESHOWSTICK60-PL
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54" Treadplate VCESHOWSTICK54-TP
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60" Graffiti Cattle Show Stick

In a unique graffiti design with livestock-themed words, this show stick stands out! Constructed from quality aluminum, this show stick features a rubber handle for a comfortable grip. Shaft measures 54" or 60"

60" Graffiti Show Stick
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54" & 60" Cosmic Sparkle Cattle Show Sticks

Bright, bold colors with flecks of sparkle add the perfect touch to these aluminum show sticks geared toward kids looking to make a splash in the show ring.

54" Cosmic Sparkle - Lunar Yellow VCESHOWSTICK54-LY Ordering Information
54" Cosmic Sparkle - Galactic Green VCESHOWSTICK54-GG Ordering Information
54" Cosmic Sparkle - Orbit Orange VCESHOWSTICK54-OO Ordering Information
60" Cosmic Sparkle - Lunar Yellow VCESHWOSTICK60-LY Ordering Information
60" Cosmic Sparkle - Galactic Green VCESHOWSTICK60-GG Ordering Information
60" Cosmic Sparkle - Planetary Pink VCESHOWSTICK60-PP Pink No longer available
60" Cosmic Sparkle - Orbit Orange VCESHWOSTICK60-OO Ordering Information

Stierwalt Carbon Fiber Light Weight Cattle Show Stick

Known for its strength and lightweight properties, carbon fiber makes these show sticks great for professional showmen or any exhibitor wanting a lighter feel. Plus these classy, refined look of these sticks looks great in the show ring.

54" Carbon Fiber Show Stick
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60" Carbon Fiber Show Stick
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2-Piece Black Aluminum Show Stick

2-pc Black Show Stick
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Hot-Shot Adjustable Sho-Stick

The Hot-Shot Adjustable Sho-Stik is one of a kind. It will adjust to three positions, collapse for easy storage. It is made of lightweight aluminum and has a 'locking mechanism' to hold the Stik in the length you choose. With a golf-style grip and a durable glass-filled nylon hook tip, the Hot-Shot Sho-Stik is built to last.
Lengths: Adjusts from 38 - 50 inches, locks in three positions.

Black Hot-Shot Adjustabe Show Stick
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48" Sorting Rattle Paddle

  • This sorting paddle features a durable, yet lightweight, red plastic head that acts as a visual barrier for livestock.
  • Head is filled with BBs that make a sound to get your animal's attention and encourage movement in the direction you would like them to go.
  • Golf club style handle offers you a comfortable grip.
  • Vinyl cover provides protection and is easy to clean.
  • Measures 48" long

48" Rattle Paddle
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Livestock Stockyard Whips
50" with 8" Drop

  • 50" fiberglass shaft,
  • 10" tapered rubber handle and twisted nylon popper.
  • 8" drop
  • Available in Black, Blue or Red

50" Livestock Stockyard Whip
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