Cattle Daily Hair Care

Daily Hair Care Grooming Tips for Cattle:

  • Weaver ProCharge:
    ProCharge is the best product for hair and skin conditioning.  ProCharge brings dull hair back to life. Use  ProCharge as part of your daily routine. Spray over the entire body, brush and blow into hair. Rinse out in the morning to reveal radiant skin and hair. Rescue is also a great show-day preparation tool. Spray on the night before the show, avoiding the legs, and rinse out in the morning. Leaves hair more manageable for show day preparation.
  • Weaver's ProCharge Liquid & Spray
    Stierwalt's Pro Charge Reconditioning Liquid & Spray are great show day hair poppers that add volume to the hair coat. Spray an even coat across the body, then comb and blow in the desired direction for 10-15 minutes.
  • Weaver ProPolish:
    ProPolish is a daily hair care product that builds hair strength, gives hair a natural shine, and repels dust. Spray over entire body then brush and blow in.  Repeat this process daily to aid in hair training.
  • Weaver's ProPolish & ProSheen Concentrate
    Stierwalt's ProPolish & ProSheen gives cattle hair a shine while repelling dust and dirt. ProSheen is concentrated, simply mix a 12 ounce bottle of ProSheen with 1 gallon of water. Spray mixture onto body and blow into hair.  ProPolish is formulated as a light hair polish that is non-sticky when dry. Adds shine to hair while repelling dust and dirt. Protects follicles from the harsh environment. Stierwalt ProPolish is excellent for clipping. Provides an ideal sheen before entering the show ring and can be used daily to promote healthy hair.
  • Weaver's Rag Oil:  
    Weaver’s Rag Oil restores natural oils to the skin and brings dull hair back to life.  Use Rag Oil in a mixture of 1/3 rag oil and 2/3 Sheen.  At night spray mixture over entire body and brush in, and in the morning rinse out.  Repeat this one to three times a week.  For show day, spray over entire body except the legs the night before, and rinse out in the morning.


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