Pig Grooming Tips

Daily Hair and Skin Care Grooming Tips for Pigs

  • Champions Choice:
    Champions Choice is a simple yet very effective daily skin and hair conditioner for pigs. Champions Choice does not clog pores, so the pigs stay cooler, and the natural insect repellent keeps skin clear. Spray over entire body and brush in to achieve optimum results. Daily use will enhance a pig’s natural color. Champions Choice is an oil based product, pigs should be kept out of sunlight after application to prevent sunburn.
  • Purple Oil:
    Purple Oil is an excellent oil-based product that softens and moisturizes the skin.  For daily use spray on skin and rub in, leave on overnight and rinse out in the morning.  For added shine on show day spray over entire body and brush in. Purple Oil is an oil-based product; pigs should be kept out of sunlight after application to prevent sunburn.


Show Day Grooming Tips for Pigs

  • Swine Conditioner, Glisten & Show Shine
    These three products are non-oil based skin and hair conditioners. Great for shows that do not allow oils, or for daily use. Simply spray on and brush in, requires no washing out. Before entering the show ring apply a light mist of water to achieve a long lasting shine.
  • Weaver PreShow:
    PreShow is a hair polish that gives a bright white color to your pig.  Shake well and spray an even coat over desired area.  Brush in and allow it to dry completely.  Repeat process until desired look has been achieved.
  • Weaver Swine Conditioning Spray:
    Swine Conditioning Spary is a  safe product that gives you a beautiful shine in the show ring and is a leave-in conditioner.  It also repels dust and dirt. Spray onto a wet or dry pig, and work in with a cloth or brush.

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