Cattle Grooming & Breakdown Tips


  • Weaver's Natural Adhesive:
    Natural Adhesive is a light-weight starter adhesive for legs and body hair.  For use on animals with well trained hair to give a clear look that is easy to comb through.
  • Weaver's Medium Adhesive:
    Medium Adhesive is a strong leg adhesive, used on medium length, and thinner hair for a more natural appearance.  Its strong holding power is ideal for untrained hair.
  • Weaver's Strong & Firm Adhesive:
    Strong Adhesive is the strongest adhesive for tails and legs.  To build legs, shake can and turn upside down spraying medium coats where a fuller look is desired.  To achieve desired look, this process may need multiple coats, allowing time to dry between each coat.  For a finished look, use Stierwalt's Stierwalt's Paints in the color of your choice. 
  • Weaver's ProEnhancer:
    Using adhesives alone, gaps and holes may remain in the leg hair that prevent a balanced appearance. ProEnhancer increases the volume of leg hair by coating each shaft individually without clumping and filling the gaps to prevent see-through while creating the appearance of bigger leg bone. ProEnhancer's quick drying action allows it to be easily clipped and covered with touch up paint for a ring-ready look. Recommended for show day use only on both black and colored cattle.


Weaver - Touch Up Paints

Stierwalt's Weaver Paints give hair a perfect finishing color, without breaking down adhesive.

  • Base Black and Maxx Black - gives the hair a deep black color while adding volume to the leg.
  • Dark Cherry - Perfect for dark to medium maroon-colored cattle. 
  • Rust  -  For any breed of lighter maroon-colored cattle. 
  • Cinnamon - is ideal for red-colored cattle. 
  • Fawn  - is ideal for lighter red cattle breeds with a yellowish cast. 
  • Smoke Gray - for the smokey charolais cross colored cattle.
  • Cream - for the yellow to gold colored cattle
  • Hazel - for light to medium browns such as Herefords
  • White - Gives the hair a bright white color and adds volume to the leg. Also used to whiten stained and faded hair.  A great leg builder. After grooming leg with adhesives, shake and turn the can upside down and spray a heavy coat to the leg. For black cattle, use Black Touch Up to cover up the White Powder.

Finishing Touch Products

  • Weaver ProFoam Grooming Mousse
    ProFoam is a fast drying foam, used to train hair and aides with clipping on show day. Simply spray a coat on to the body, and blow in until completely dry. Show Foam will provide a strong holding power for the hair and a thicker hair base. 
  • Weaver's ProGloss Finishing Spray, ProPink & SSE Final Touch
    ProGloss, ProPink & Final Touch are light oils used to give the hair shine and volume before entering the show ring. Spray on the body and head just before entering the show ring, or blow in for the ultimate shine.



  • Weaver's ProRefit Adhesive Remover
    ProRefit is the best adhesive removers on the market. Stierwalt ProRefit is a mild citrus formula that effectively removes all show day adhesives and touch up paints. For best results, let Stierwalt ProRefit sit 5-10 minutes before washing with Stierwalt ProWash Mild Shampoo.  ProRefit removes show day products while leaving hair and skin undamaged.  Spray on areas where show products were applied, brush in, blow out and shampoo.
  • Weaver's ProRemover Liquid Adhesive Remover
    Stierwalt's ProRemover Liquid Adhesive Remover is an excellent liquid adhesive dissolver that is fast acting and leaves hair clean and natural. ProRemover is a mild citrus formula that easily and effectively breaks down and removes show day adhesives & touch up paints. Use with Stierwalt ProWash Mild Shampoo. ProRemover is suitable for all livestock.  Simply spray area where adhesive was applied and brush in. For best results blow out and shampoo.

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