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Kirk Stierwalt Strategy for Success Instructional DVD's

Stierwalt's Strategy for Success:
Clipping DVD

This DVD offers a great overview that will prepare the viewer to clip a beef cattle project. From learning about clippers and blades to identifying the parts of a calf, Kirk walks the viewer through special clipping techniques, why clipping is important and what it takes to become better at clipping. Each DVD includes an insert that serves as a handy reference guide for identifying the parts of a calf and Kirk’s recommended order for clipping. Special tips from Kirk and recommendations on what supplies are needed for successful clipping are also included.

Clipping DVD
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also on clipper supplies, clippers & shears

Stierwalt's Strategy for Success:
Fitting DVD

This in-depth guide will give the viewer invaluable information on fitting a beef cattle project on show day. Properly fitting a calf prior to entering the show ring can accentuate its positive attributes, downplay its negative features, and lead the exhibitor to the winner’s circle. In this DVD, Kirk will guide the viewer step-by-step, sharing his tips and techniques the whole way. He’ll cover the following: prepping the body hair; fluffing and legs; pulling up the legs; clipping and building the legs; clipping and building the tail head; painting the legs, tail head and flank; fitting the tail; and breaking down the calf after the show. Each DVD includes an insert that can be taken to the show or barn that references the steps above and recommended supplies.

Fitting DVD
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also on cattle touch up & cattle adhesive,

Stierwalt's Strategy for Success:
Showmanship DVD

Showmanship is the ability to present your animal and bring out its best characteristics. However, there is much more to it than that. Broken into three parts: At Home, At the Show and Time to Show, this DVD features tips and tools from Kirk Stierwalt that will help you find success on show day.

Showmanship DVD
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Stierwalt Chalk

A simple way to mark the high and low points that need clipped, blocked, tipped or backdragged on your calf. A must-have for any beginner, this chalk is also perfect for 4-H advisors, ag teachers and others as s teaching tool during classes or clinics. Includes one piece of chalk.

Stierwalt Chalk
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Black Vet Rap Bandage

  • Bandage that adheres to itself.  Will not stick to hair or skin
  • 4" x 5 yards

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Repel-35 Insect Control Spray

Repel 35 by  Bio-Groom is a lasting residual action insect control spray.   Repel 35 kills lice and louse eggs, ticks and fleas (adult and larvae).   Repel 35 will control fleas and ticks for 35 days! It is made with a water base formula with Lanolin and Aloe.

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Heavy Duty Spray Bottle

An all purpose heavy-duty sprayer.

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Extra Nozzle for Spray Bottle
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Cattle Fly Mask

  • Protect your steer or heifer’s face and eyes from those pesky insects and blowing bedding when hauling on a trailer.
  • Mesh construction with fleece lining features elastic for a great fit.
  • Easily adjustable hook and loop closures allow for a comfortable fit on crown and under chin.
  • One size fits most cattle from 600 – 1,400 lbs.

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Cattle Blindfold

  • Helps keep cattle calm during routine activities like leading into a chute
  • Ideal for reducing stress during clipping, vaccinating, ear tagging, and grooming
  • Durable 600-denier material with water-resistant PVC coating
  • Features comfortable fleece lining, elastic for adjustability, and hook and loop closure
  • One size fits most cattle from 600 – 1400 lbs

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Microfiber Towels

Great for removing dust and dirt without scratching, these towels are perfect for cleaning showboxes, clippers and much more. They’re even great for using with our Waterless Shampoo to help remove those last minute stains on your animals.

Set of four 12" x 12" towels.


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Cattle Pump System

The pump system you need for the proper fill in show cattle. Stainless flexible probe with tear-drop end ensures placement into the esophagus. Has nose lead and hand grip. Canvas carrying case.

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