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Stierwalt Winner's Brand Adhesives
This new line of adhesives provides novice‚ intermediate and experienced fitters a great selection to choose from. With three degrees of adhesive strength‚ they also do a great job on stiff‚ fine or unmanageable hair.   At my clinics‚ I tell everyone the two general rules I live by when working with adhesives: 1) the stiffer the hair‚ the stronger the adhesive needs to be and 2) spray a little‚ comb a lot."
Kirk Stierwalt‚ Professional Cattle Expert

New! Kirk Stierwalt
Winner's Brand Natural Hold

  • Stierwalt Natural Hold offers ideal holding power perfect for a broad variety of hair type.  
  • Suitable for non-paint shows where a natural appearance to the hair is important.
  • The formula dries fast to a hard finish for easy clipping, while promoting a controlled natural look.  


10 oz can Natural Hold
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New! Stierwalt's ProEnhancer
  • With adhesives alone, gaps and holes may remain in the leg hair that prevent a balanced appearance.
  • ProEnhancer increases the volume of leg hair by coating each shaft individually without clumping and filling the gaps to prevent see-through while creating the appearance of bigger leg bone.
  • ProEnhancer’s quick drying action allows it to be easily clipped and covered with touch up paint for a ring-ready look.
  • Recommended for show day use only on both black and colored cattle.

10 oz can Stierwalt ProEnhancer
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Stierwalt Light Adhesive

This lightweight, flexible formula is great to use on soft, manageable hair that requires less hold.  With a slightly white tint as it dries, this adhesive adds volume, body and definition  

10 oz  can Stierwalt Light Adhesive
Sold individually or Case of 12
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Stierwalt Medium Adhesive

The right choice when more than light hold but less than strong hold, is needed.  This adhesive builds volume and body while adding definition and shape to average, typical hair.  With a slightly white tint as it dries,  provides the perfect firm yet workable hold for a natural look.

11 oz  can  Stierwalt Medium Adhesive
Sold individually or Case of 12
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Stierwalt Firm Adhesive

Offering the strongest holding power in our line of adhesives with little to no fall down, this quick-response formula is perfect where maximum hold is needed and is a must-have for the stiffest, shortest and most unruly of hair coats. This formula dries with a white cast and is perfect for use with ProTouch paints. Does NOT contain methylene chloride, a known cancer-causing agent

10 oz  can Stierwalt Firm Adhesive
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Stierwalt Strong Adhesive

The perfect choice for stiff, stubborn hair and provides a long-lasting, firm hold with minimal to no fall down. Dries with a slightly white tint. 

10 oz  can Stierwalt Strong Adhesive
Sold individually or Case of 12
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Clear Dairy Adhesive

Specially formulated for a dependable, workable hold. The clear-drying, lightweight formula is ideal for dairy cattle toplines and helps give the shape and definition desired in the show ring

10 oz can Weaver Clear Dairy Adhesive
Sold individually or Case of 12
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Doc Brannen's Black Magic

Stone's Doc Brannen Black Magic adds a deep, natural black appearance to hair, leaving it rich and full. Sprays on easily for lasting hold that leaves the hair soft and pliable after combing.Tames hard-to-hold hair, adds rich, full look.  Superb control.  Fast and aerosol easy.  Leaves hair soft and pliable after combing.  Use Black Magic for a deep natural black appearance with a thicker look.

10 oz can   VCEZYBMAGIC
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Case of 12  VCEZYBMAGIC-12
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Doc Brannen's Clear Magic

Stone's Doc Brannen Clear Magic tames unruly hair like magic. Sprays on easily for long-lasting hold that leaves hair soft and pliable after combing.  Tames hard-to-hold hair, adds rich, full look.  Superb control.  Fast and aerosol easy.   Leaves hair soft and pliable after combing.

10 oz can    VCEZYCMAGIC
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Case of 12
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Hand Saver Aerosol Trigger

  • Handy tool makes spraying adhesives, paints and other aerosol grooming products convenient and easy on your hands.
  • The comfortable, ergonomic FullGrip™ Trigger makes spraying effortless and is perfect for anyone with smaller hands.
  • The easy on, easy off design fits all standard cans. 

Hand Saver Aerosol Trigger
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Stierwalt's Strategy for Success:
Fitting DVD

This in-depth guide will give the viewer invaluable information on fitting a beef cattle project on show day. Properly fitting a calf prior to entering the show ring can accentuate its positive attributes, downplay its negative features, and lead the exhibitor to the winner’s circle. In this DVD, Kirk will guide the viewer step-by-step, sharing his tips and techniques the whole way. He’ll cover the following: prepping the body hair; fluffing and legs; pulling up the legs; clipping and building the legs; clipping and building the tail head; painting the legs, tail head and flank; fitting the tail; and breaking down the calf after the show. Each DVD includes an insert that can be taken to the show or barn that references the steps above and recommended supplies.

Fitting DVD
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