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1/2 Liter
Double Trigger Sprayer

1/2 Liter Sprayer
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1 Liter
Double Trigger Sprayer

1 Liter Sprayer
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1.5 Liter
Pump Up Sprayer

Heavy duty hand pump builds pressure. Just squeeze and spray. Wide range adjustable spray nozzle. A great pig sprayer.

1.5 Liter Sprayer
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Replacement Orange Plastic Nozzle
for 1.5 Liter Pump-Up Sprayer
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Replacement Brass Nozzle
for 1.5 Liter Pump-Up Sprayer

Nozzle Assembly Repair Kit
for 1.5 Liter Pump-Up Sprayer
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Bling Pump Up Sprayer

Heavy duty hand pump builds pressure. Just squeeze and spray. Wide range adjustable spray nozzle. A great pig sprayer

1.5 Liter Bling Pump Up Sprayer
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Big Blaster
32 oz Plastic Spray Bottle with Nozzle

Use this high output plastic trigger sprayer and bottle with a variety of liquid grooming products. Replacement sprayers available

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Replacement Sprayer Nozzle Only
For Plastic Spray Bottle

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Microfiber Towels

Great for removing dust and dirt without scratching, these towels are perfect for cleaning showboxes, clippers and much more. They’re even great for using with our Waterless Shampoo to help remove those last minute stains on your animals.

Set of four 12" x 12" towels.

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9" White Soft Pig Brush        
Known for its ability to pick up fine dust, keep its stiffness when wet and recover its shape, Tampico fiber makes this soft brush great for washing, daily use at home and for use in the show ring. Measures 2-1/2" W x 9" L with 1-7/8" bristles
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9" Brown Soft Pig Brush 
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Hoof Cleaning Brush   VCEYB05
This mixed bristle brush features a comfortable wooden handle. Measures 7" L x 1-1/2" W.
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5" Purple Face Brush with Clip

  • The small size of this brush and the convenient pocket clip make it great for touch ups in the show ring or for cleaning clipper blades.
  • Plastic handle with 1" polypropylene bristles.
  • Measures 1-1/2" W x 5" L

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The Face Brush is an extra soft synthetic brush designed to be gentle around the face of large animals. It features a wood block and soft synthetic bristles.

  • Perfect size to fit easily in your hand.
  • This face brush provides a gentle touch for sensitive areas such as around the face.
  • Wood block, with soft white bristles,with 1" trim.
  • Measures 4-3/4" x 1-3/4"

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Zebra Bling 5" Face Brush  VCEYB19
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Giraffe Bling 5" Face Brush  VCEYB20
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Show Ring Brush with Handle   VCEYB11
This show ring brush has soft, synthetic bristles thar are perfect for touch ups. Use this one on short haired animals. The handle slips into the pocket for quick access in the show ring.
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6" Pocket Brush with Strap    VCEYB13 
Compact, pocket-sized brush features 3/4" black synthetic bristles. The block measures 5-5/8" L x 2-3/8" W and features a comfortable webbing strap.
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Pre Show with Bug Guard

  • Ultimate dye-free liquid conditioner gives pigs a fresh, smooth well-conditioned look in the show ring like no other
  • Powerful combination of essential oils defends against pesky flies and insects
  • Formulated to enhance show pigs’ natural color

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Pre Show with Bug Guard
  • Ultimate dye-free liquid conditioner gives pigs a fresh, smooth well-conditioned look in the show ring like no other
  • Powerful combination of essential oils defends against pesky flies and insects
  • Formulated to enhance show pigs’ natural color

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Show Shine

  • Formulated with moisturizing argan oil to bring out your animal’s natural shine
  • Lightweight, quick-drying formula revitalizes animals’ dull skin and hair while supercharging it for a radiant look on show day
  • Oils deeply penetrate skin and hair to nourish and protect
  • Non-Aerosol light oil, 16 oz

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Hide Ointment   
  • Formulated with zinc oxide, zinc pyrithione, and aloe vera extract, this ointment soothes irritations, redness, and inflammation from skin abrasions
  • Expedites healing by forming a moisturizing protective barrier on hide
  • Helps treat common topical infections with powerful antimicrobia
  • 8 oz bottle

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Weaver Swine Conditioning Spray

ptimizes the skin health of pigs by replenishing natural oils and reducing dryness and irritation for the perfect show ring shine. Optimal results are achieved when Weaver Swine Conditioning Spray is used daily as a restorative skin treatment.

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Weaver Swine Conditioner and Shine

Weaver Swine Conditioner and Shine is less oily formula developed to protect and replenish while preventing dry, scaly skin for a smooth, healthy look.  Apply daily to promote healthy hair and skin condition and prevent flaking,

Quart    VPESCS-Q  
Gallon   VPESCS-G 
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Purple Oil
An excellent oil-based product that
softens and moisturizes the skin in preparation for show day

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Conditioning Cream

This thick, clove-scented cream transforms hide, hair and wool on goats and sheep from dry and coarse to soft and luxurious. Using Conditioning Cream on white pigs enhances the white. 

  • Formulated with ingredients like Coconut oil, shea butter, jojoba oil and vitamin E and wheat protein
  • Perfect for daily care as well as a pre-show treatment
  • Enhances the appearance of white hogs while combating dryness for a fresh, healthy look and show ring-ready shine.
  • Recommended for use on all livestock.

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Glisten by Essential
Skin & Hair Conditioner

  • Cleans the animal and puts a shine on the hair coat.
  • Hair and skin polisher for a show shine without the oily feel.
  • Contains no oil

Directions:  Spray heavily the night before the show.  Rinse out the next day.  Reapply lightly and let dry the day of the show.  Sprinkle water on top of the animal right before the show.

24 oz bottle      VPEGLISTEN  
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Champions Choice
Skin & Hair Conditioner
w/Insect Repellent

  • Prevents dry skin and hair
  • Contains natural insect repellent
  • Darkens colored hogs and brightens white hogs

VPESCC                Quart
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VPESCC2.5  2-1/2 Gallon
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White Lace Polish
Skin & Hair Whitening Conditioner

White Lace is a liquid hair polish.  It will deliver a renewed white appearance to dull white hair and skin on all white colored livestock. 
Requires no washing out. 

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White Polish
Winner's Brand by Weaver Leather

To get a look that will set your animal apart in the show ring, this formula is the go-to choice for a vibrant, white appearance to hair and hide.

Brightens while helping conceal scars, blemishes, stained hair and other imperfections.

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Stain Out

  • Citrus-based formula gradually removes manure, urine and grass stains from your animal’s hair
  • Contains an enzyme blend that breaks down the components of grass and manure stains
  • For best results, apply daily at least two weeks prior to a show

Quart of Stain Out
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Hide Lotion
Winner's Brand by Weaver Leather

The perfect show day moisturizer, Hide Lotion is specifically formulated to deliver immediate results for achieving a fresh, well-conditioned touch.

  • Most effective on areas of hide and and hair that have been clipped or shorn tight
  • Apply anywhere the hide may wrinkle
  • Do not apply to the legs of sheep
  • Contains special conditioning and moisturizing ingredients
  • Recommended for sheep, goats and swine

14 OZ   VSEZSHL   Ordering Information

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Wound Care Spray With Pain Relief
2% Available Iodine with Lidocaine

Features and Benefits:
  • Is a 2% titratable iodine that kills up to 99% of surface germs that may cause an infection. & promotes the healing process
  • Contains lidocaine to alleviate pain in wounds and surgical incisions.
  • Dries in approximately 90 seconds and forms a highly visible and durable coating creating a     bandage effect that sticks better than most wound care products.
  • Safe to use for all animals.

16 oz bottle    VPEBWC      Ordering Information

also on feed add joint health
Tek Trol Disinfectant Deodorant Aerosol
  • Kills viruses on pre-cleaned environmental surfaces or objects previously soiled with blood
  • Disinfects and controls mold and mildew on hard nonporous surfaces.
  • Bactericidal
  • Pseudomonicidal
  • Staphylocidal
  • Tuberculocidal
  • Fungicidal
  • Virucidal
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Speed - O - Guide Clipping Guides

Size 00   1/16"     VPESOG00   
Size 0      3/16"     VPESOG0
Size 0A    5/16"    VPESOG0A
Size 1      7/16"    VPESOG1
Size 1A    9/16"   VPESOG1A
Size 2     11/16"   VPESOG2

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Wahl/Lister Hog Blade with 1/2" guard
permanently attached to a Lister Fine Blade
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