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Fungus Prevention Helpful Hints Page

Stop N Grow Fungus Prevention
  • formerly known as Stop (Fungus Control) and Ounce of Prevention
  • Stops & prevents lamb fungus before it starts
  • Custom formulated by Dr. Jack McEwoen
  • All natural unique pelleted top dress which tastes good to lambs and fights fungus
  • Organic iodine & black walnut oil to prevent & kill fungus from within
  • Wool growth promoter to encourage wool growth quickly.
  • 1 oz per day per animal - approximately 160 day supply
  • No split feeding
10 lbs    VSEOP               Ordering Information

Ring Out Shampoo & Soap

RingOut Shampoo is formulated and used to help kill and prevent the spread of unsightly and contagious ringworm while cleaning your animals. Also use to kill and prevent the spread of various other fungi associated with skin or hide conditions like wool fungus (or rot), rain rot, hot spots and other skin disorders. Clean away and reduce topical pathogens that can cause or impede the healing process.

  • All-natural solutions used to control ringworm and fungus
  • Safely kills Fungi, Bacteria, Viruses & Spores on Contact.
  • Great for all livestock including sheep, cattle, horses, goats, dogs, etc. Safe around humans.
  • Use in combination with Ring Out Spray Concentrate for best results

32 oz. Ring Out Shampoo & Soap
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Ring Out Concentrate

  • All-natural solutions used to control ringworm and fungus.
  • Great for all livestock including sheep, cattle, horses, goats, dogs, etc. Also kills bacteria, spores, and virus.  Safe around humans.
  • Reduces scaring and hair loss.
  • Mix 4 oz. of concentrate with water to make a 32-oz. spray.
  • Spray bottle needed to mix product.  (sold separately)
  • Use in combination with Ring Out Shampoo & Soap for best results!

4 oz Ring Out  Concentrate
Available in single bottles, 5 pack or 12 pack
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Plastic Spray Bottle - VCEZPSBOTTLE
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Ring Out Concentrate Kit

Special Online:  purchase 2 Ring Out Concentrates & get a free Plastic Spray Bottle)

  • All-natural solutions used to control ringworm and fungus.
  • Great for all livestock including sheep, cattle, horses, goats, dogs, etc. Also kills bacteria, spores, and virus.  Safe around humans.
  • Reduces scaring and hair loss.
  • Mix 4 oz. of concentrate with water to make a 32-oz. spray.
  • Spray bottle needed to mix product.  (sold separately)
  • Use in combination with Ring Out Shampoo & Soap for best results!

Kit includes:
2  4-oz  Concentrate Bottles and a Plastic Spray Bottle

Ring Out Concentrate Kit
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Shag for Sheep
Part of our popular SHAG product line, Sheep SHAG has been fortified with our unique STOP! formula to provide your Champion Lamb with the latest technology for battling fungus while having great hair, including on the legs.

  • Safe for BOTH sexes of lambs
  • Safe even for breeding lambs
  • Latest technology for fungus issues
  • Great hair everywhere, including legs

11.25 lbs
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LimePlus Dip

Use concentrated for killing show lanb fungus on lambs

  • For killing fungus spots on lambs, spray non-diluted LimePlus Dip concentrate directly on fungus spot daily.
  • For preventing:  Dilute and apply on lambs as a rinse, spray or dip at 5-7 day intervals after diluting 4 ounces in one gallon of water
  • This is the most effective product we have found to work for killing show lamb fungus.
  • LimePlus Dip is a sulfur concentrate
  • Active Ingredient: Sulfurated Lime Solution 97.8%  , Inert Ingredients:2.2%

Dilution: Pour 4 ounces of contents into a gallon container and fill with water. Mix well.

Directions: Bathe animal prior to application. Rinse off shampoo. Pour entire contents of diluted LimePlus Dip

16 oz Bottle
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Original M-T-G
by Shapley's
  • Original M-T-G has been providing quick and effective relief from numerous skin ailments since 1938!
  • Originally formulated for humans, this safe and easy to use product is the only one needed for relief from a variety of bacterial and fungal skin problems, such as : • Rain Rot • Scratches • Girth Itch • Sweet Itch • Dry Skin • Tail/Mane Rubbing
  • Provides results after just one application! Formulated to eliminate the causative agent creating the skin problem, it conditions the skin and hair around the damaged area, promoting both healthy skin and maximum hair growth.
  • Proven to work exceptionally well promoting hair growth. Users report up to 3 inches of new growth on manes and tails in a single month.
  • Creates a healthy environment for the hair follicle, resulting in maximum growth while keeping the length of the hair shaft soft and pliable for minimum breakage.
  • Original M-T-G is a time-tested, user-supported solution to both skin healing and hair growth in a single bottle. An oil-based product that does not require washing or water for application, it is not only easy to use, but great for cold weather.
  • Original M-T-G is also safe and effective on dogs and other animals’ skin problems, such as hot spots, itching and dry skin.
32 oz. Quart Bottle             VSELDMTG      Ordering Information

Original M-T-G plus
by Shapley's

  • Same great formula and features as Original MTG, now with Herbal Scent! (Shapley's)
  • An effective, time-proven remedy for dermatitis problems. Highly recommended by veterinarians for a variety of skin conditions,
  • Original M-T-G is a single-source solution for fungus, rain rot, scratches, mud fever, greasy heel, girth itch, dandruff, itchy skin and tail rubbing.
  • An oil-based product that balances a drying and healing action with moisturizers, keeps the skin conditioned, creating a barrier against the elements.
  • Offers quick relief and visible hair growth in 3-5 days and is ideal for use on skin where winter blankets have rubbed hair off.
  • Does not require washing or water for application, making it ideal for cold weather use.

32 oz. Quart Bottle             VSELDMTGPLUS      Ordering Information

Kelder Pro Products Pre-Vent
  • Antifungal antibacterial spray!  
  • Spray directly on animal.  Stop ringworm before it starts!  
  • Protect from many strains of skin damaging fungus.  
  • Contains 5 anti-fungal ingredients, antibacterial agent and a moisturizer
  • Disinfects equipment, stalls, halters and clippers

1 Quart     VSEPVQ     Ordering Information

Out of stock until further notice

Kelder Pro Products Quick Heal
  • Kills ringworm & club lamb fungus
  • Promotes cellular renewal and rapid regrowth of wool and hair
  • Quick penetrating, pain relieving moisturizing cream
  • Contains fungus fighters, moisturizers, a counter irritant, antiseptics
  • Apply to affected tissue 3-5 times daily
  • Use this product after the fungus has been killed.  It is a must to have in your show box.

7 oz tube    VSEQH      Ordering Information

Out of stock until further notice

Dead Ringer Cream - Natural Antifungal Killer & Preventer

  • Natures answer for fungus
  • Contains 12 Antifungal agents that give proven results
  • Apply 2 times a day for fast results
  • Comes in a 4.5 oz container
  • Can be used on sheep, goats & cattle

4.5 oz container   VSEDR   Ordering Information


Wound Care Spray With Pain Relief
  • 2% Available Iodine with Lidocaine
  • Features and Benefits:
  • Is a 2% titratable iodine that kills up to 99% of surface germs that may cause an infection. & promotes the healing process
  • Contains lidocaine to alleviate pain in wounds and surgical incisions.
  • Dries in approximately 90 seconds and forms a highly visible and durable coating creating a     bandage effect that sticks better than most wound care products.
  • Safe to use for all animals.

16 oz bottle   VPEBWC   Ordering Information

Dr. Naylor Blu-Kote Antiseptic
  • Antiseptic protective wound dressing and healing aid against both bacterial and fungus infections.  Kills ring worm and fungus infection, treats ringworm, surface wounds, cuts, galls, pad sores, etc.. Aerosol formula is quick-drying and deep penetrating

5 oz   VSEBLUKOTE      Ordering Information

Dr. Naylor Red-Kote Antiseptic
  • Antiseptic red oil wound dressing for slow healing wounds. Non-drying, soothes, softens. Treats surface cuts, wire cuts, rope burns and slow healing ulcers.
  • Antiseptic Wound Dressing for superficial scratches, lacerations, cuts & abrasions
  • Adhering, Soothing, Protective, Fights Infection

5 oz   VSEREDKOTE   Ordering Information

Catron IV Spray
  • Kills screw worms, wool maggots and fly maggots in and around superficial wound.
  • 0.5% permethrin screw worm and ear tick spray controls insect pests on beef and dairy cattle, sheep, goats, hogs and horses. Also protects wounds from flies. Sprays on blue for easy identification

10 oz   VSE5524024      Ordering Information


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