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  • Stierwalt ProTouch paints enhance cattle hair by adding fullness and dimension to get animals noticed in the show ring. 
  • These products do not weaken adhesives and are perfect for matching, blending, or enhancing the hair coat.
  • They can also be blended with other Stierwalt ProTouch Paints to achieve a perfect match. 
  • When using Stierwalt ProTouch paint, remember that the color will darken with additional coats. 
  • Drying time will vary based on conditions.
  • Free of methylene chloride, making them safer for users, animals and the environment
NEW!   Kirk Stierwalt ProTouch Paints:
"As most of us in the livestock industry know‚ red cattle aren’t just red and brown cattle aren’t just brown…there are all different kinds of shades and colors. That‚s why I worked with Weaver to come up with four great selections of touch up paints for colored cattle. Sometimes it might take more than one of these colors‚ so I highly recommend practicing with these paints at home to figure out the best blend that’s right for your cattle. Give these touch up paints a try…I’m a big fan and I know you will be too!"   Kirk Stierwalt‚ Professional Cattle Expert
New!  Kirk Stierwalt's  2-Step Process
Base Black & Maxx Black

ProTouch Base Black
By Kirk Stierwalt

  • With its subtle building characteristics and unique dryness right out of the can, Base Black ProTouch is the first step in a two-step process for providing a natural, balanced black hair look on show day. 
  • The fast-drying action of this paint makes clipping a breeze and provides complete coverage over adhesives without breaking them down. 
  • Follow with the glossy finish of Final Black ProTouch to complete the process for a blending transition from the body to the legs

10 oz can VCEZKSPBBB
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New! Stierwalt Maxx Black Protouch

  • For a deep, rich black look with a touch of shine, use Stierwalt Maxx Black ProTouch after Stierwalt Base Black to complete this special two-step process for finishing the perfect leg.
  • Maxx Black ProTouch is specially formulated to highlight the depth and dimension achieved by Base Black ProTouch while not breaking down adhesives like other shiny paints. You’ll get exceptional coverage with a touch of holding power that won’t make your adhesives fall down, making this a show day must have.
  • This versatile formula can also be used by itself, but for best results, it is recommended to use in conjunction with Base Black ProTouch.

10 oz can Stierwalt Maxx Black Protouch
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ProTouch Final Black
By Kirk Stierwalt

  • The glossy black, shine-enhancing finish of this paint highlights the depth and dimension achieved by Base Black ProTouch while providing a blending transition from the body to the legs for the desired show ring look. 
  • Product renamed, same as ProTouch Glossy Black 

10 oz VCEZKSPB   
Case of 12  VCEZKSPB-12
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New! Stierwalt's ProEnhancer

  • With adhesives alone, gaps and holes may remain in the leg hair that prevent a balanced appearance.
  • ProEnhancer increases the volume of leg hair by coating each shaft individually without clumping and filling the gaps to prevent see-through while creating the appearance of bigger leg bone.
  • ProEnhancer’s quick drying action allows it to be easily clipped and covered with touch up paint for a ring-ready look.
  • Recommended for show day use only on both black and colored cattle.

10 oz can Stierwalt ProEnhancer
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ProTouch Dark Cinnamon Paint
by Kirk Stierwalt

Ideal for red-colored cattle like darker Herefords, Red Angus, Gelbvieh & others

 10 oz can VCEZKSPCI
Case of 12
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ProTouch Fawn Paint
By Kirk Stierwalt

Ideal for lighter red cattle breeds with a yellowish cast, including light Herefords,
Red Augus, Celbvieh, Charolais, Lomousin & more

10 oz can VCEZKSPF
Case of 12 
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ProTouch Dark Cherry Paint
By Kirk Stierwalt

Perfect for dark to medium maroon-colored cattle, including breeds like darker Shorthorns, Maine-Anjou, Simmental & others.

10 oz can VCEZKSPC
Case of 12
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ProTouch Rust Paint
By Kirk Stierwalt

Use this for any breed of lighter maroon-colored cattle like shorthorns, Maine-Anjou, Simmental & others

10 oz can VCEZKSPR
Case of 12
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ProTouch White Powder Paint
by Kirk Stierwalt

Enhance cattle hair by adding fullness & dimension with the touch up paint to get animals noticed in the show ring. 

10 oz can VCEZKSPW
Case of 12
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Weaver Black Touch Up Paint

Provides a natural color ideal for enahncing the animal's black color when needed, especially on hooves.  Covers show day adhesives without weakening the hold.

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(Now ProTouch Base Black)

10 oz can VCEZKSPBB
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Case of 12   VCEZKSPBB-12
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ProTouch Smoke Gray
By Kirk Stierwalt

Gray colored cattle are hard to match with a single paint color, but this paint is different because of its adaptability and versatility.  Smoke Gay ProTouch can change from light to dark as each coat is applied, making it perfect for blending different shades of gray together.  Perfect for use on breeds like Charolais crosses.

10 oz can VCEZKSPSM
or Case of 12
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ProTouch Cream
By Kirk Stierwalt

An ideal choice for color shades from yellow to golden.  Stierwalt Cream ProTouch is first of its kind to be offered for cream or blonde cattle.  This paint has the ability to blend many different shades and tones of hair on a variety of breeds like Charolais crosses.  The more coats added, the darker the color becomes, giving the ultimate flexibility for the perfect final look.

10 oz can VCEZKSPCR
or Case of 12
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  • We've spent a long time perfecting Hazel, the only touch up paint you'll need for cattle with light to medium brown hair with warm tones, including Herefords
  • Apply light, even coats until desired color and match is achieved
  • Finer particles allow for an even spray pattern and more consistent coverage
  • Helps to dry adhesive without breaking it down

10 oz can VCEZKSPCR
or Case of 12
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Super Shine Black Hoof Polish

8 oz jar
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ProDye Livestock Hair Dye

Enhance the color of your calf or lamb legs by using ProDye for a deeper black appearance and uniform color from front to back. The end result will give you a bright, balanced and fresh looking animal. This unique livestock-focused formula was developed specifically with the show animal industry in mind.

We have included five bottles each of Black Dye and Activator to accommodate how livestock exhibitors use hair dyes. However, they also allow you the flexibility to mix just one dye and activator to accomplish smaller tasks, such as lamb legs, with less waste. Apply undiluted dye (dilution is not recommended when using the Weaver Fogger). Ideal dye time is 45 minutes; always use latex or rubber gloves when applying ProDye to decrease chance of skin irritation or staining. Detailed instructions inside product packaging.

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