Tattoo Equipment

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Tattoo Equipment

Stone Standard 3/8" Tattoo Outfit
Permanently tattoos the inside of an animal's ear

  • Works hard, saves time and money, makes fast work of marking large herds. Fast, easy advance to the next number.
  • Nylon rollers and pawls. Brass digit plates with nickel-plated steel needles that punch clear tattoos.
  • Standard model - features digits 0-9, with 2 blanks. Includes pliers and 3 oz. ink jar.
  • Custom model - special order any combination of numbers, letters and blanks.

Standard Tattoo Outfit includes: pliers, ink and 0 - 9 digits
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Pro Rotary 5 Chain Tattoo

  • Better heard management with thousands of combinations possible. Up to 5 digits across.
  • Sturdy construction, built to last. Double action handle. Heat treated sideplates.
  • Bites deep with short easy pull to prevent forearm fatigue.
  • Lightweight cast aluminum alloy.

Standard model - features digits 0-9 with 2 blanks.
Includes pliers and 3 oz. ink jar.
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Custom model - Special order any combination of numbers, letters and blanks on all 5 chains. Cal 1-800-8848-8486
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Black Tattoo Ink
3 oz jar
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Green Tattoo Ink Roll On
2 oz
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All needles nickel plated and set in a space age Zytel block. Precision made for uniform penetration. Available in numbers and letters, 3/8".

3/8" Digits Set of Letters A thru Z
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3/8" Digits Set of Numbers 0 thru 9
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Individual Letters & Numbers
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