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  • Add extra calories without increasing feed intake!
  • Each ounce of Dyne contains 150 calories to assist with weight gain or to assist in resisting stress conditions.
  • Can be used as a top dress or mixed with water to help combat dehydration.

Feeding Directions:
Sheep, Goats, Pigs = 3 oz per head per day
Cattle = 9 oz per head per day

6 oz bottle VSEDYNE
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32 oz bottle VSEDYNE32
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Double Dip

Essential Double Dip increases your animal’s appetite and will help increase their average daily gain. It is fed by mixing one (1) packet per ½ gallon of water. Provide 20 ounces per feeding (packet contains 2 day supply at 2 feeding/day).

"...Add it to your feed and look out." Dewayne Boysen

"I got more consumption than I ever had since using double dip." Jayme Sieren

"When I fed double dip to hogs that were not eating, they immediately started to consume feed." Jake Keepy

1 lb Package Double Dip
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Express O

  • Essential Express O is a concentrated muscle builder that is designed to puts muscle on the top, hindquarters, and the chest.
  • Express O will not cause any structural damage (such as tightening of tendons, stiffness in walking, or hoof cracking).
  • Can add a slight increase in weight gain.

16 oz Bottle Express O
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