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Castration Supplies

Rubber Castration Rings

Strong rubber rings for use with castration applicators.

100 Green Banding Rings
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500 Green Banding Rings
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Elastorator Banding Pliers

Used to expand the elastic "O" rings enough to allow them to slide over the tail or scrotum (including testicles) and then released at the desired point. The ring steadily squeezes shut all arteries supplying area with blood, they drop off in about 10-20 days.

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Pro Ring Expander

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12" Double Crush Emasculatome

Stainless steel. Double crush emasculators crush the spermatic cord and blood vessels, then sharply cut, reducing bleeding and infection.

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Lambing & Prolapse Veterinary Supplies

Prolapse Harness

  • Used to hold a vaginal prolapse in long enough to get the ewe to her lambing date.
  • The most effective and gentle "antidote" for a prolapse. The soft red nylon webbing minimizes risk of tissue damage around the udder and vulva (a much too frequent result of homemade twine efforts)
  • The neck, back and leg straps each adjust to fit ewes of all sizes.
  • Snap buckles enable easy attachment, removal and adjustment.
  • Made from 1" and 2" nylon strapping.

Prolapse Harness
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Prolapse Retainer

  • Used to hold in a vaginal prolapse until the ewe can give birth.
  • Made of heavy duty yellow plastic that does not break in use. Strong ribbons instead of string are easier to tie.
  • Made in only one size that will fit any breed of sheep.

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Rectal Prolapse Rings

For repairing rectal prolapses in
sheep, goats, pigs & small calves.
1" x 2.25"

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Gentle Iodine Spray

  • 1% Iodine is only for disinfection of wounds. The "gentle" 1% Iodine is not strong enough to sterilize the navel area fast enough and takes too long to dry. Use only for disinfection of wounds.
  • In cattle, horses and swine as a topical antiseptic for use prior to surgical procedures such as castrating and docking; for ringworm and foot rot; for application to the navel of newborn animals,and for minor cuts, teat sores, bruises and abrasions.

16 oz bottle
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Stomach Tubes

A safe, easy method for feeding weak lambs & goat kids.

  • Attachs to 60 cc or 140 cc catheter tip syringes
  • For stomach tubing lambs and kids. The amount recommended for a newborn 10 lb lamb/kid is 4 oz 5 times a day if he is not being supplemented by mom.
  • Clear tubes are easier to insert because they are less flexible. However when very cold, the plastic tube becomes quite stiff and may injure the lamb internally.
  • Red rubber tube stays flexible regardless of temperature

Red Rubber Tube
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Clear Plastic Tube
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Catheter Tip Syringes

  • Monoject Syringes with extended catheter tip.
  • Most commonly used for stomach tubing weak lambs and kids. Can be used as a drencher as well.

60 cc syringe
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140 cc syringe
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Bucket & Bottle Feeding Supplies

Pritchard Teat

  • Most proven screw-on teat. Closest in size, shape and texture to the "real thing" so orphans prefer it.
  • Use for feeding orphan lambs or goat kids. Can be used on a pop bottle,

Pritchard Teat VSE563000
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12 Pritchard Teats VSE563000-12
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Natural Latex Teats

  • Natural latex teats have the most "teat-like" feel. Use latex to get them started and then switch them over to red rubber nipple.
  • Use to encourage lambs/kids to start drinking from a bucket.
  • Use with the Bucket Teat Unit.

Natural Latex Nipple
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Red Latex Teats

  • Latex teats have the most "teat-like" feel. Use latex to get them started and then switch them over to red rubber nipple.
  • Use to encourage lambs/kids to start drinking from a bucket.
  • Use with the Bucket Teat Unit.
  • Easy to clean

Red Latex Nipple
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Red Rubber Teats

  • Use natural latex teats to get lambs & kids started and then switch them over to rubber teats.
  • Use with the Bucket Teat Unit
  • Red rubber teats are the most durable. Tough and long lasting. Stands up to goat & lamb roughness.
  • Made of rubber. 2" tall x 1 3/8" wide.

Red Rubber Nipple
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Bucket Teat Unit

  • Use for feeding orphan lambs, kids & calves
  • First introduced to the USA over 15 years ago. Has been the "gold standard" design ever since.
  • Includes one washer, but not a teat. Additional washers may also be needed when using thinner walled buckets.
  • Use our wrench to tighten or loosen the plastic gray "nut".

Bucket Teat Unit (No Nipple)
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Red Washer Replacement
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Wrench for Bucket Teat Unit

For tightening/loosening bucket teat units. If you've had to loosen the plastic gray "nut" after use, you know the problem, this wrench makes it easier.

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Round & Square Buckets


Round Buckets with Lid

  • Can be used for feeding or for watering individual animals.
  • Multi-purpose bucket for water, feed or mineral feeding.
  • Less brittle when cold.
  • Easy to clean. Silky-smooth internal walls.
  • Cost effective & durable

1 Gallon Round Bucket with Lid
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2 Gallon Round Bucket with Lid
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3.5 Round Bucket
without Lid

  • Standard chore bucket - for feeding grain to sheep and for feeding grain and water in lambing jugs
  • Less brittle when cold.
  • Easy to clean. Silky-smooth internal walls.
  • Cost effective. & Durable.
  • 11" high & 12" diameter
  • Not “tip” prone. 3.5 gal is wider at the base than it is tall.
  • Lid sold separately

3.5 Gallon Round Bucket (No Lid)
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Lid for 3.5 Gallon Round Bucket
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4 Gallon Square Bucket
without Lid

  • Ideal for use as bucket teat units. Flat sides sit against panels and reduces likelihood of being knocked around by assertive lambs.
  • Height: 13.18" & Diameter: 9.75"
  • Easy to clean. Silky-smooth internal walls.
  • Cost effective & Durable.
  • Lid sold separately.

4 Gallon Square Bucket (No Lid)
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Lid for 4 Gallon Square Bucket
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Bucket Holder

  • A welded wire bracket that easily drops into place onto wire panels or 1 in. wood, yet holds round and square buckets securely.
  • 5.25"long x 2.5" wide
  • Hot-dip galvanized to extend life
  • Unique design prevents orphans from "freeing" the pail

Bucket Holder
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Hole Drilling Charge per Bucket

  • Both the square and round plastic buckets can be drilled with any number of holes that you need.
  • Specify location & number of holes.
  • 1.5" Diameter Hole (for our bucket teat units)

Charge per Bucket for Drilling Holes
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Sheep Crooks

Sheep Leg Crook

  • 54" long. Medium tensile solid aluminum rod coated with blue plastic. Rubber hand grip.
  • Specifically for "grabbing" sheep and goat legs
  • Leg crooks are best for goats because goats prefer to face you--so if you wish to catch them in a pen, it works best to do so by snagging a front foot

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Sweet Chestnut
Wooden Neck Crook

  • Wooden neck crook preferred for herding dog trials.
  • This enables you to snag an animal by the neck as they move past you or when trying to sort one out.
  • It is 54" long and has a lacquered surface, brass metal tip and sculpted neck.

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Aluminum Tube RedCote Crook

  • Used for grabbing animals as they are passing buy or singling one out of a group.
  • Red plastic outer finish with black rubber handles and tips. 54" long.
  • Red outer finish means it's less likely to be "misplaced" in grass, straw, closets, etc. Also prevents uncoated aluminum from leaving black oxidate on your hands and clothes.

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Fiberglass Crook

  • Lightweight and strong neck crook.
  • Used to grab an animal around the neck as they are passing by or in a group.
  • Top is very tough molded plastic.
  • Holds its original shape and rarely breaks.
  • Shaft is coated fiberglass. Unlike aluminum, it does not bend or deform.
  • 53" long

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36" Shaft Wood Cane

  • Quality wood cane features a 36" shaft

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