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Sheep & Goat Whitening Powder
Winner's Brand by Weaver Leather

Livestock Whitening Powder is ideal for slick shorn lambs and clipped goats that are show ring ready but where some improvements could be made to their underlying hide color (pink hide shows through or dark pigmented spots/patches are visible). A shaker ball in the can separates the formula to allow for a smooth, even spray. This product gives a more even, uniform white and bright appearance to the hide and/or hair of the animal while softening for a fresh feel that’s ideal to the touch.

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Stain Out

  • Citrus-based formula gradually removes manure, urine and grass stains from your animal’s hair
  • Contains an enzyme blend that breaks down the components of grass and manure stains
  • For best results, apply daily at least two weeks prior to a show

Quart of Stain Out
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White Polish
Winner's Brand by Weaver Leather

To get a look that will set your animal apart in the show ring, this formula is the go-to choice for a vibrant, white appearance to hair and hide.

Brightens while helping conceal scars, blemishes, stained hair and other imperfections.

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Leg Pop
Liquid sheen and liniment for lamb legs

  • For added pop and dimension when preparing lamb legs for clipping and fitting
  • Sheen gives a sleek, conditioned feel and increases the manageability of the leg wool
  • Liniment offers a cooling effect that opens up the pores and increases the pop and separation of the leg wool.

Quart of Leg Pop
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Hide Lotion
Winner's Brand by Weaver Leather

The perfect show day moisturizer, Hide Lotion is specifically formulated to deliver immediate results for achieving a fresh, well-conditioned touch.

  • Most effective on areas of hide and and hair that have been clipped or shorn tight
  • Apply anywhere the hide may wrinkle
  • Do not apply to the legs of sheep
  • Contains special conditioning and moisturizing ingredients
  • Recommended for sheep, goats and swine

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Weaver Sheep & Goat
Conditioning Spray

A must-have on show day, this conditioning spray moisturizes and replenishes natural oils to the hair and hide for the fresh look and feel desired by judges. We also recommend this product for daily use to condition and freshen the hair and hide.

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Weaver Chill

The cooling sensation of Weaver Chill promotes a solid brace to the hides of sheep and goats, providing the ideal firmness judges will appreciate. Weaver Chill is the perfect show day product to tighten and firm while adding shine before entering the ring. For goats, spray on just before entering show ring to make tail stand up.

1 Quart Chill
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Cool Breeze

A terrific show day product for lambs.
Spray evenly over the entire body for a great shine, but more importantly a fresh, firm feel to the hide.
Braces the body to make the lamb feel more firm to the judge's touch.
For goats, spray on just before entering show ring to make tail stand up.

1 Quart Cool Breeze
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Conditioning Treatment

Weaver Conditioning Treatment provides essential hair nutrition while adding body, shine and set for the perfect pop and bloom. Weaver Conditioning Treatment is ideal when used as a daily treatment for stressed or damaged hair. Suitable for use on all livestock

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ProGloss Finishing Spray
By Kirk Stierwalt

Stierwalt ProGloss Finishing Spray is a multipurpose finishing spray. Its lightweight replenishing oils give the hair coat a beautiful shine and luster. Stierwalt ProGloss Finishing Spray provides a glossy finish on show day.

12 oz can VCEZKSFS
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Case of 12 VCEZKSFS-12
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Weaver Black Touch Up Paint

Provides a natural color ideal for enahncing the animal's black color when needed, especially on hooves. Covers show day adhesives without weakening the hold.

See Close Out Specials

10 oz can VCEZKSPBB
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Case of 12 VCEZKSPBB-12
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Bio Groom Coat Polish

  • Specially formulated to give coat a rich show ring sheen
  • Keeps mane and tail tangle free and lustrous
  • Intensifies all colors to highlight optimal definition
  • Helps repel dust and dirt and prevent stains
  • Non-sticky, non-oily formula
  • Made in the USA
  • 32 oz. bottle with sprayer

32 oz Coat Polish
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Microfiber Towels

Great for removing dust and dirt without scratching, these towels are perfect for cleaning showboxes, clippers and much more. They’re even great for using with our Waterless Shampoo to help remove those last minute stains on your animals.

Set of four 12" x 12" towels.

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Dual Groom Glove

Theis rubber wash glove has pvc bristles on one
side and rubber bristles on the other side.

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Breakdown Brush
Designed to help lessen the amount of show day adhesive and paint residue on hands when breaking down cattle, this brush with 3/4" rubber bristles is ideal for working-in adhesive removers like Stierwalt ProRefit or ProRemover. The ergonomic handle design provides easy gripping options.
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9" White Soft Pig Brush
Known for its ability to pick up fine dust, keep its stiffness when wet and recover its shape, Tampico fiber makes this soft brush great for washing, daily use at home and for use in the show ring. Measures 2-1/2" W x 9" L with 1-7/8" bristles
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Mini Fluffer Comb

  • Our popular fluffer comb is now available in a smaller mini version perfect for grooming the legs of goats and sheep.
  • With longer teeth that reach down deep to stimulate the undercoat and shorter teeth to fluff the wool or longer top hair, this comb is a must-have addition to your routine.
  • Unlike a traditional wool card, this gentle yet effective design won’t pull out wool and hair.

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Mini Roto Brush
  • An industry first, this brush trains leg wool and hair on sheep and goats. Now in a smaller version for use on the legs of goats and lambs, this brush is for use with a drill for rotation that stimulates leg wool and hair growth when used as a part of your daily care routine.
  • For show day prep you can count on the roto brush to pull up, separate and define leg wool and hair as the first step in the finishing process. A
  • lternating long and short bristle rows reach deep while working the surface for maximum definition.
  • Brush head measures 4" long. Purple.

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Show Ring Brush with Handle VCEYB11
This show ring brush has soft, synthetic bristles thar are perfect for touch ups. Use this one on short haired animals. The handle slips into the pocket for quick access in the show ring.
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Show Lamb Leg Wool Card Brush

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Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush

Great for fitting cattle flanks, legs and tail heads, this 4" wide brush reaches deep to separate and untangle hair while building volume and smoothing out any lines. It also works great for lifting leg wool on lambs to add dimension and the appearance of bigger leg bone. Plus, any hair or leg wool is quickly removed from the brush with a push of a button. Small stainless steel teeth. No-slip grip for safe handling

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5" Purple Face Brush with Clip

  • The small size of this brush and the convenient pocket clip make it great for touch ups in the show ring or for cleaning clipper blades.
  • Plastic handle with 1" polypropylene bristles.
  • Measures 1-1/2" W x 5" L

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The Face Brush is an extra soft synthetic brush designed to be gentle around the face of large animals. It features a wood block and soft synthetic bristles.

  • Perfect size to fit easily in your hand.
  • This face brush provides a gentle touch for sensitive areas such as around the face.
  • Wood block, with soft white bristles,with 1" trim.
  • Measures 4-3/4" x 1-3/4"

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Hoof Cleaning Brush
This mixed bristle brush features a comfortable wooden handle. Measures 7" L x 1-1/2" W.
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Zebra Bling 5" Face Brush
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Giraffe Bling 5" Face Brush
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Mini Trim Hand Shear

  • Burgon & Ball shears with 3.5 in blades. Short blades are handy for close trimming in tight areas around legs and head. Also useful for crutching.
  • Double ground edges.
  • White powder painted finish on handles reduces finger fatigue.

Mini Trim Hand Shear
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Red Shank Hand Shear

  • Hinds Red Shank Burgon & Ball shears
  • Very popular trimming shear.
  • Straight, double hollow ground edges.
  • Sharp tips, 6.5 in blades.

Red Shank Hand Shear
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Bent Hand Shear

  • Burgon & Ball Shears.
  • Unlike other hand shears, the handle is bent 15º
  • Used as dagging shears overseas, but many prefer them for trimming and general use.
  • Double ground 5.5 in blades.

Bent Hand Shear
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Triple Ground Hand Shear

  • Our best hand shears.
  • Reduces "clanking" noise during use because of built-in rubber stops.
  • The handles are powder-painted to offer an extra smooth finish for more hand comfort.
  • Almost straight blade edges are triple ground.
  • Blades rounded tips.
  • 6.5" blades

Triple Ground Hand Shear
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