Sheep Breeding Supplies & Ram Shields

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Breeding Harnesses & Supplies

Nylon Breeding Harness

Soft durable nylon straps. Strong plastic snap buckles allow infinite adjustment. They are less prone to slip around on the ram if it has 3 months of wool growth.

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Cross Your Heart
Leather Breeding Harness

Made of durable harness leather, extra soft nylon straps and strong simple snap connections. Specifically designed to fit better and stay on the smaller briskets.

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Marking Crayons - Temperature Specific
  • Available for 3 average daily temperature ranges:
    Hot 85 - 100 degrees
    Mild 65 - 85 degrees
    Cold 25 - 65 degrees
  • Plastic pins are included with each crayon.
  • Available in Blue, Green, Orange, Black, Yellow

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While Supplies Last - Special Reduced Price
All Weather Marking Crayons
  • Designed for use with our nylon Ram Marking Harness, these marking crayons are suitable for all weather conditions and are available in a range of bold colors for easy identification.
  • Available in Red, Yellow, Orange, Blue, Green and Black
All Weather Marking Crayon - Red
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All Weather Marking Crayon - Green
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All Weather Marking Crayon - Orange
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All Weather Marking Crayon - Yellow
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All Weather Marking Crayon - Black
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All Weather Marking Crayon - Blue
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Ram Shelds

  • Protect animals and yourself
  • Rams can injure each other during breeding season. The Ram Shield is so effective in subduing belligerent rams that it surprises first time "users" (both the ram and the shepherd).
  • Ram Shields are used to block the ram's forward vision--which prevents rams from charging humans or other rams. Side vision is not affected so the rams can still eat, graze, breed and drink. We use shields only as needed and remove them when the fight "urge" is over.
  • Two versions, 2 sizes in each style. Horned shields fit over the horns. Polled shields rely on the ears and head shape to hold its position

Horned Ram Shield

Leather mask blocks forward vision, preventing rams from charging. Does not limit side vision. Rams can eat, graze, breed and drink. Effective in instantly subduing rams.

Small Horned Ram Shield
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Large Horned Ram Shield
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Polled Ram Shields

Polled Shields rely on the ears
& head shape to hold position

Small Polled Ram Shield
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Large Polled Ram Shield
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