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ProCool Mesh Blanket - Sheep

  • Mesh Butt: Srong, plastic coated mesh butt provides ventilation & air circulation to keep your animal cool & comfortable.
  • ProCool Mesh Technology: Breathable, lightweight material blocks 98% of UVA/UVB rays while keeping animal cool and protected from fly bites and fungus.
  • Mesh Butt provides added air circulation while leg gussets allow for extended leg movement.
  • Machine Washable: Durable & rip resistant, this material can be machine washed for easy, low-maintenance care.
  • Leg Gussets: Allowing for full range of motion, leg gussets make exercising your animal easy and provide extra comfort when resting in the pen or pasture.
  • Offers effective protection from fly bites & provides a barrier against fungus while keeping the animal clean & cool.
  • Great for slick shorn lambs
  • Adjustable belly strap ensures a secure fit.
  • Machine wash separately in cold water, gentle cycle; line dry only; do not bleach.
  • White blankets have Black Binding / Colored Blankets have Reflective Piping

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Medium White Ordering Info Medium Blue Ordering Info
Large White Ordering Info Large Blue Ordering Info
Small Hurricane Bllue Ordering Info Small Lime Ordering Info
Medium Hurricane Blue Ordering Info Medium Lime Ordering Info
Large Hurricane Blue Ordering Info Large Lime Ordering Info
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Hide Lotion
Winner's Brand by Weaver Leather

Option 1: Before showing, apply Hide Lotion sparingly to slick shorn lamb's body. Allow product to soak in and moisturize hide.

Option 2: Before showing, apply Hide Lotion very generously to lamb's body. Put lamb in COTTON TUBE or ProCool Blanket. Re-wet tube or blanket repeatedly as it dries to retain moisture and rehydrate lotion for even longer lasting conditioning benefits. Shampoo with Brightening or Degreasing Shampoo before entering the show ring to achieve the ideal conditioning feel and rinse.
  • The perfect show day moisturizer, Hide Lotion is specifically formulated to deliver immediate results for achieving a fresh, well-conditioned touch.
  • Most effective on areas of hide and and hair that have been clipped or shorn tight
  • Apply anywhere the hide may wrinkle
  • Do not apply to the legs of sheep
  • Contains special conditioning and moisturizing ingredients
  • Recommended for sheep, goats and swine

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Cordura Sheep Blankets

Lime Green with Mesh Rear Pink with Solid Rear Blue with Mesh Rear
  • Constructed from durable, rip-resistant Cordura® material, our top quality blanket keeps sheep clean, provides protection from the elements and offers another barrier against fungus.
  • This solid butt style works well on wethers and is perfect for cooler weather.
  • Edges lined with black binding, leg gussets for extended leg movements, neck cuffs for extra protection and snap and ring ends that rest inside pockets to prevent chafing all set these blankets apart as the best on the market.
  • Size tag is sewn into pocket for easy identification. Machine wash separately with cold water, line dry only, do not bleach.
  • Snap and ring ends are inside pockets to prevent chafing
  • Leg gussets allow for total range of movement
  • Large size fits 130-170 lb. lambs.
  • Medium size fits 110-140 lb lambs
Cordura Blanket
with Mesh Rear

3 Colors:
Blue, Lime Green & Pink

Large w/Mesh - Blue
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Large w/Mesh - Lime Green
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Large w/Mesh - Pink
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Medium w/Mesh - Blue
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Medium w/Mesh - Lime Green
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Medium w/Mesh - Pink
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Small w/Mesh - Blue
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Cordura Blanket
with Solid Rear

2 Colors:

Lime Green & Pink

Large - Lime Green
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Large - Pink
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Medium - Lime Green
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Medium - Pink
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Lamb Show Blankets
Show Stopper Show Blankets - Solid Rear

  • Pre-shrunk 100% cotton, 10 oz canvas
  • Easy to get on and off during shows and sales
  • Quick release plastic snaps around stomach of animal
  • Keeps lambs or goats clean before shows and sales
  • Camouflage or color necks on blankets (neck color may differ from picture)

(Blanket measurements are estimates, measured laying flat)

Limited Sizes & Quantities -

Large - Camo Neck

110 - 150 lbs
21" x 34" long
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Show Stopper Ewe Wether Sire
Show Blankets with Mesh Rears

(Blanket measurements are estimates, measured laying flat)

Limited Sizes & Quantities -
Only XL Mesh available at this time

  • Mesh in rear
  • Pre-shrunk 100% cotton canvas
  • Open in back for ewes w/strap underneath
  • Easy to get on and off during shows & sales
  • Keeps lambs or goats clean before shows & sales
  • Neck colors may differ from picture

X-Large w/ Mesh Tail
150 - 185 lbs
21" tall x 37" long
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Leg Wraps for Sheep & Goats
  • Designed for daily use, these elastic leg wraps are the latest in leg wool and hair prevention.
  • Protects leg wool & hair from animal pulling, picking & biting at legs.
  • Keeps leg wool & hair clean and free from bedding debris or feces
  • Maintains leg wool & hair softness and manageability fro easy grooming, rinsing and applying conditioning products like ProPink
  • Includes four 4" x 41" wraps.

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Livestock Chamois
  • Quickly and easily drys or cools your animal.
  • Quality made from 90% PVA and 10% polyester
  • Absorbs water without feeling heavy
  • On hot summer days, simply wet the chamois and lay over the animal’s back for a great cooling effect.
  • Measures approximately 30" x 14

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Microfiber Towels

Great for removing dust and dirt without scratching, these towels are perfect for cleaning showboxes, clippers and much more. They’re even great for using with our Waterless Shampoo to help remove those last minute stains on your animals.

Set of four 12" x 12" towels.

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