Andis Ceramic Edge Blue Ribbon II Blade

Part Number: ANDIS62140

Mfr: 62140

Item: Andis Ceramic Edge Blue Ribbon II Blade

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Additional Information

You’ve raised a champion. Now it’s time to refine your hard work. Get livestock show-ring ready with this award-winning blocking blade. Add strength and precision to match your creative drive.

  • Razor sharp tips
  • Smooth & precise feeding
  • Cuts jthrough adhesives & show day products
  • Runs cooler than steel
  • Stays sharper

Unleash your creativity with the CeramicEdge® Blue Ribbon II Blocking Blade—extra sharp precision for show-stopping details. Strong enough to cut through bulky adhesives and foams, this pro blade lets you blend flawless toplines, legs, and underlines to help your animal look prime for the judges. Finished with gleaming, Grand Champion Blue titanium, the detachable blade fits a versatile range of Andis professional clippers. There’s more to winning livestock than an excellent pedigree. Enhance the qualities nature delivered with the CeramicEdge Blue Ribbon II Blocking Blade.