Complete 5' x 7' Flush Pan, Frame, Valve & Legs

Part Number: VPEFLUSHP5X7

Item: Complete 5' x 7' Flush Pan, Frame, Valve & Legs

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Additional Information

Complete 5' x 7' Flush Pan Includes:
Flush Pan Frame (blue), Flush Pan, Valve & 4 Legs

  • Standard 5' x 7' size.
  •  Made of durable, high density polyethylene.
  •  Structurally designed to conform with warranty requirements of all flooring brands.
  •  High density polyethylene is a non-porous material which is easier to clean, does not promote the growth of bacteria, and unlike concrete, will not retain moisture thus allowing better humidity control.
  •  Individual units maximize efficiency in management of farrowing and nursery operations.
  •  Insulates small pigs from cold floors.
  •  Use on existing flat floor special construction is required for installation.
  •  Contour design allows for thorough cleaning.
  •  Corrosion-free 3" pvc gate valve included.
  • Legs are 18" overall.  Flush pan frame mounts at 12-7/8" and main frame will mount at 17".


3" Drain in Flush Pan


Flush Pan Frame


Flush Pan


3" Slide Valve for Flush Pans


Flush Pan Leg (each)
To support flush pan & main floor frame


Flooring Frame - for 5' x 7' Tenderfoot or wire flooring




5' x 7' Wire Flooring for 5' x 7' Flush Pan

Note:  Other flooring frames available.  Call 1-641-636-2259