SSE Pickup Topper - 6' 2" Long X 57" Wide X 40" Tall - Out of Stock

Part Number: VSEPTC57X6

Item: SSE Pickup Topper - 6' 2" Long X 57" Wide X 40" Tall - Out of Stock

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Additional Information

Show Stopper Equipment Pickup Topper Livestock Cage is light and easy to get in and out of pickup bed.   An easy way to transport sheep, goats and pigs!

  • Powder Coated Paint
  • Economical painted steel livestock topper.
  • Livestock topper utilizes the complete pickup bed while still being easy to remove and load into pickup.
  • Front of livestock cage is notched out to slide over wheel wells when loading and unloading topper
    into pickup bed.
  • Durable Suntuf polycarbonate corrugated panels for roof.  This provides the perfect combination of strength, light weight and light transmission to prevent heating the cage up.
  • Made from 3/4" & 1" square tubing  7 Ga 3/16" sheet steel
  • Weighs 200 lbs
  • Ships unassembled  
  • Extra assembly charge for cage assembled & picked up at our store in Keota, Iowa store.



An easy way to transport sheep, goats & pigs


Front panel has a cut out window to be able to sett from cab of pickup


6" x 18" Front panel window is covered with expanded metal

Latching door pin easily secured with padlock.


Front and back constructed of solid panels



Pull two pins and top can be removed for easier loading and unloading



Suntoof roof reflects heat and keeps animal cooler


Channels already welded on so plywood sides can be added to keep out side wind.



Sliding rear door for easy loading and unloading of animals.