4-H Pens and Fair Gates

Part Number: WEB-4HPEN

Item: 4-H Pens and Fair Gates

Price: Please call 641-636-2259

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Additional Information

4-H Fair Pen Gates available with 3 options:
with Back Gate, No Back Gate,  and with Center Divider


  • Economically designed gates for part-time use
  • Gates designed and specially-built for fairground or show barns.
  • Gates are custom built to your size & specifications.
  • Back gates are optional
  • Fair Gates are 36” tall overall.  Gate is 34” tall mounted 2” off the floor
  • Alley pen gates are a quick-latch system with no drop rods
  • Alley and divider gates are 5/8” solid rod on top and bottom of gates.  3/8” solid vertical rods on 3” center.
  • Optional clip-on feeder rods welded on to divider or alley gates.
  • Dip Painted blue.  Optional colors available if powder-coat painted.(additional charge).



4-H Pen Gates - with No Back Gate


4-H Pen Gates - with Back Gate


Fair Pen Gates - with Center Divider


Alley Swinging Gate - for 4-H and Fair Gates


Alley Post  - for 4-H Fair Gate

Stub post back of pens
Back gate bolted to stub post and divider gate

Link to Vittetoe Horizontal Finishing Gates