Breaking Halter By Weaver Leather - Black

Part Number: VCEXRH-BH10

Mfr: 35-7910-H10

Item: Breaking Halter By Weaver Leather - Black

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Additional Information

  • At first glance, this may look like a typical poly rope breaking halter. Upon closer inspection, you'll see special nickel plated hardware designed by Kirk Stierwalt that allows for quicker pull-and-release action to help prevent swollen jaws often caused by the slower release of conventional breaking halters.
  • This unique hardware also helps prevent the poly rope from rubbing together for easy sliding action while still preventing the halter from slipping off.
  • The pressure points and easy-slide action of this halter simulate the performance of a show halter and chain so your calf gets used to the feel of a show halter sooner.
  • Lead measures approximately 7' long.