48" Pig Whip With White Handle & Chrome Tip - Purple


Mfr: US Whip DW48W

Item: 48" Pig Whip With White Handle & Chrome Tip - Purple

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Additional Information

  • Pig Whip w/ Chrome Tip features a sturdy shaft,chrome accent above the white handle and a chrome tip at the end of the handle for a deluxe show ring appearance.
  • Pig whip allows the exhibitor to stay close enough to control the hog, yet far enough away so the judge can get a clear view.
  • Pig whip measures 48"


DW Series Pig Whips are ideal for training and showing pigs of all ages, sizes, and breeds. These whips feature a unique shaft, specifically designed to offer the exact flexibility needed to train show pigs. The variety of colors and signature braid of the material provides distinction and flair for each showman. We’ve added an extra, protective tip to the top of the shaft to limit wear and tear and keep your pig whip looking slick.

Use this handmade hog show whip to gently cue your pig – a simple touch will indicate the proper direction to drive your pig in the show ring or at home. We recommend daily practice to help create a bond between you and your animal and improve your performance in front of judges.

Pig whips made special to drive hogs in the show ring or at home 6” lash braided into the body of the whip Soft molded handle w/chrome ferrule and butt cap MADE IN U.S.A.