Foot Bath - Sure Foot

Part Number: VSEFB764001

Item: Foot Bath - Sure Foot

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Additional Information

  • Flexible side flanges--will fit into treatment chutes.
  • Innovative Y-design floor pattern--provides traction and reduces slippage.
  • Use 2 foot baths together (total length = 8 ft) to prevent athletic sheep from trying to jump over the treatment bath.
  • For even more grip, place crushed gravel and/or wool fragments in the footbath. Wool reduces the water look (which sheep fear). Gravel forces hooves to separate.
  • 47 long, 18 to 20.5 wide. Sides are 7 tall (tapered).
  • Tapered sides--multiple baths stack for shipping and between uses.
  • Strong, extremely tough, hard plastic.
  • Elevated sides and ends reduce fluid loss.
  • Lift and tip to empty out old water (easiest when less than half of water remaining).