54" Blue Plastic Coated Aluminum Sheep Leg Crook

Part Number: VSE803001

Item: 54" Blue Plastic Coated Aluminum Sheep Leg Crook

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Additional Information

Leg crooks are best for goats because goats prefer to face you—so if you wish to catch them in a pen, it works best to do so by snagging a front foot

  • 54" long    Weight 1.40 lbs
  • Medium tensile solid aluminum rod coated with blue plastic
  • Rubber hand grip
  • The ideal crook for pasture situations, because the 54 in. reach allows you to snag sheep and goats from behind.  A goat's agility, slim neck and lack of wool mean that neck crooks are often useless.
  • Target the location below the knee and above the hock/hoof. The depth of the hook helps reduce the chances of the animal escaping.
  • To catch a ewe with newborn lambs on the pasture: First catch the lambs. Then lay a leg crook between the lambs and ewe with the crook head toward the ewe. The ewe will likely face her lambs. Encourage the ewe ever closer. When the ewe's front foot is near, instantly raise the crook and snare her front leg.