Oxy-gen Xtra - 16 LB Pail - Clearance price - $60 (was $75)

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Item: Oxy-gen Xtra - 16 LB Pail - Clearance price - $60 (was $75)

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Oxy-Gen Xtr is made from high-quality northern oats, coated in a light oil and the original Oxy-Gen formula. This light soybean oil is not chemically extracted from the seed, so the possibility of chemical contamination is eliminated, which can lead to reduced feed consumption. Having an oil coating, Oxy-Gen Xtra™ is virtually a dust-free product and will not contribute to respiratory conditions associated with dusty feeds and supplements. Oxy-Gen Xtra™ contains a special flavoring for increased palatability and acceptance by your animal and is an excellent choice for animals that prefer grain. Oxy-Gen Xtra™ does not contain high levels of vitamins and/or minerals, so Oxy-Gen Xtra™ will not interfere with or tie up important nutrients in the diet, making it a perfect complement to any feeding program. Like all Oxy-Gen™ products, Oxy-Gen Xtra™ is safe, natural, and drug-free. Feed 4 oz. per head, per day