Kane 13-1/2" X 60" Baby Pig Heat Mat - Single

Part Number: KANPHMS-60

Item: Kane 13-1/2" X 60" Baby Pig Heat Mat - Single

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Additional Information

Made with durable polyethylene, the Kane Electric Baby Pig Heat Mat is perfect for farrowing crates, free stalls and nursery pens. The Kane heat mat features an insulated bottom, dead air space inside the mat and above the heater to maintain heat longer and reheat quickly.   The mat’s unique design maintains a favorable temperature for farrowing environments to reduce stress, improve digestion and promote rapid growth. Mat, 13.5" x 60".


  • Large heated surface provides comfortable heat for baby pigs and other animals including reptiles and domestic pets such as dogs 
  • Insulated bottom helps prevent downward heat loss
  • Easy to clean
  • Non-slip surface, made of high density polyethylene
  • 110 Volt with 10' cord and 18" stainless steel spring cord protector
  • Left or right cord configuration available
  • Uniform warm surface approximately 37° above air temperature
  • Warning:  Heat radiating appliance for animals.  It is best to use the Kane Rheostat or thermostat.
  • Do no use blankets or straw on mats


  • Weight: 16 lbs.
  • Watts: 109