Sheep Hoof Care

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Hoof Trimmers

Serrated Hoof Trimmer

Precision ground fine serrations on the edge which slice through hard hooves with minimum effort or slippage

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B & B Eze Trim Hoof Trimmer

Introduced by Burgon and Ball as an option to the popular orange Shear Magic trimmer. Eze Trim is slightly stronger, has a better latch and is less costly.
Measures 7" long.

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Hoof Knives for trimming, cutting & scraping the small hooves of sheep.
Double Edge Hoof Knife
Unique small double edged blade with wooden handle.
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Profi Hoof Knife - SIngle Edge Hoof
Black & Blue Plastic Handle
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Profi Hoof Knife - Fine Blade
Right Handed
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Electric Hoof Knife for Sheep & Goats

  • Designed for the goat or sheep owner who needs a hardworking and easy-to-use trimming tool that meets all your basic trimming and hoof maintenance neesds. You can use the Electric Hoof Knife to quickly and effortlessly trim the hoof wall, sole, and heel with smooth results every time.
  • The Electric Hoof Knife’s design makes trimming pain-free, and the tool is quiet, comfortable, and easy to control so you can feel confident putting your animal’s hoof care in your hands.
  • Set Includes: Electric Hoof Knife, Carrying Case, Safety Glasses, and 2 discs (medium & coarse)
  • Medium Grit Disc (a flat, medium abrasive disc good for trimming baby or small hooves) and
  • Coarse Grit Disc (a flat, coarse abrasive disc perfect for trimming hooves of any kind.)

Electric Hoof Knife for Sheep & Goats
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Sheep Deck Chair

Holds sheep firmly in a relaxed position & allows use of both hand to trim feet, tag ears, examine and medicate.

  • Supports large, adult sheep & goats.
  • Restrains heavily pregnant ewes without injury.
  • Galvanized steel pipe with elastic webbing
  • Adjustable width for all sizes: length is 40", maximum width 16", mimimum width 10"
  • Bottom "legs" 14"
  • Can be folded flat for easy storage & transporting with some disassembly.

Deck Chair
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Replacement Webbing
(only for new chair #807501 )
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Sure Foot
Foot Bath For Sheep & Goats

  • Flexible side flanges--will fit into treatment chutes.
  • Innovative "Y-design" floor pattern--provides traction and reduces slippage.
  • Use 2 foot baths together (total length = 8 ft) to prevent athletic sheep from trying to jump over the treatment bath.
  • For even more "grip," place crushed gravel and/or wool fragments in the footbath. Wool reduces the "water" look (which sheep fear). Gravel forces hooves to separate.
  • 47" long, 18" to 20.5" wide. Sides are 7" tall (tapered).
  • Tapered sides--multiple baths stack for shipping and between uses.
  • Strong, extremely tough, hard plastic.
  • Elevated sides and ends reduce fluid loss.
  • Lift and tip to empty out old water (easiest when less than half of water remaining).

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Foot Bath

  • For use in narrow chutes as shown.
  • Ends lock together to make interlocking multiples for any length of bath.
  • Roughened interior surface reduces slippage.

2 Piece Plastic Large Foot Bath
8' long x 12" wide x 8" Deep VSEFBL
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Plastic Foot Bath
49" long x 32" wide x 7" Deep VSEFBS
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Small Plastic Foot Bath
44" long x 24" wide x 5.5" Deep VSEFBXS
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Premier Foot Care, Zinc Sulphate

Our liquid version is concentrated. Use either topically or in footbaths.
Mix 1 qt in 50 gallons of water, 1/2 cup per 5 gallons

Quart VSE770600
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Dr. Naylor Hoof & Heel

Topical antibacterial for hoof and foot rot in sheep, goats, dairy and beef cattle. Does not cause hoof to shrink, become discolored, hard or brittle. 16 oz treats approximately 8-12 hooves. Contains 11.2% zinc sulfate

16 oz. VSE1832452
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Gallon VSE1778824
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Kopertox Hoof Treatment

Preferred by shepherds for topical treatment of footrot, skin fungus infections, etc. Also used on soremouth. Do not use on animals which are raised for food production.

8 oz VSE3771059
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16 oz VSE3771060
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