Helpful Grooming Hints

Show Stopper Equipment Helpful Hints for your Show Animals.

Pigs - Helpful Hints

Show Day Grooming

Smoke, Glisten & Swine Shine
Non-oil based skin and hair conditioners. Great for shows that do not allow oils, or for daily use. Simply spray on a coat of Smoke and brush in, requires no washing out. Before entering the show ring apply a light mist of water to achieve a long lasting shine.

White Lace
White Lace is a hair polish that gives a bright white color to your pig. Shake well and spray an even coat over desired area. Brush in and allow it to dry completely. Repeat process until desired look has been achieved.

Ezall Show-N-Go
Ezall Show-N-Go is a safe product that gives you a beautiful shine in the show ring and is a leave-in conditioner. It also repels dust and dirt. Spray onto a wet or dry pig, and work in with a cloth or brush.

Daily Hair and Skin Care

Champions Choice
Champions Choice is a simple yet very effective daily skin and hair conditioner for pigs. Champions Choice does not clog pores, so the pigs stay cooler, and the natural insect repellent keeps skin clear. Spray over entire body and brush in to achieve optimum results. Daily use will enhance a pig’s natural color. Champions Choice is an oil based product, pigs should be kept out of sunlight after application to prevent sunburn.

Purple Oil
Purple Oil is an excellent oil-based product that softens and moisturizes the skin. For daily use spray on skin and rub in, leave on overnight and rinse out in the morning. For added shine on show day spray over entire body and brush in. Purple Oil is an oil-based product; pigs should be kept out of sunlight after application to prevent sunburn.

Cattle - Helpful Hints

Show Day Grooming

Stierwalt's Light Adhesive & Easy Comb
Light Adhesive & Easy Comb are light weight starter adhesive for legs and body hair. For use on animals with well trained hair to give a clear look that is easy to comb through.

Stierwalt's Medium Adhesive & Hot Shot Leg Adhesive
Medium Adhseive & Hot Shot are a strong leg adhesive, used on medium length, and thinner hair for a more natural appearance. Its strong holding power is ideal for untrained hair.

Stierwalt's Medium Adhesive & Tail Adhesive
Stierwalt's Strong Adhesive & Tail Adhesive are the strongest adhesive for tails and legs. To build legs, shake can and turn upside down spraying medium coats where a fuller look is desired. To achieve desired look, process may need multiple coats, allowing time to dry between each coat. For a finished look use Stierwalt's ProTouch Paints or Show Stopper Touch-Up in the color of your choice.

Daily Hair Care

Rescue is the best product for hair and skin conditioning. Rescue brings dull hair back to life. Use Rescue as part of your daily routine. Spray over the entire body, brush and blow into hair. Rinse out in the morning to reveal radiant skin and hair. Rescue is also a great show-day preparation tool. Spray on the night before the show, avoiding the legs, and rinse out in the morning. Leaves hair more manageable for show day preparation.

Super Sheen add Weaver Sheen
Super Sheen is a daily hair care product that builds hair strength, gives hair a natural shine, and repels dust. Spray over entire body then brush and blow in. Repeat this process daily to aid in hair training.

Doc Brannen's Rag Oil
Doc Brannen’s Rag Oil restores natural oils to the skin and brings dull hair back to life. Use Doc Brannen’s Rag Oil in a mixture of 1/3 rag oil and 2/3 Super Sheen. At night spray mixture over entire body and brush in, and in the morning rinse out. Repeat this one to three times a week. For show day, spray over entire body except the legs the night before, and rinse out in the morning.

Show Stopper Touch-Ups

Stierwalt's ProTouch Paints & Winter White
Stierwalt's ProTouch Paints & Show Stopper Touch–Ups give hair a perfect finishing color, without breaking down adhesive.

  • Stierwalt's Black Touch Up gives the hair a deep black color while adding volume to the leg.
  • White Powder & Winter White Touch-Up gives the hair a bright white color and adds volume to the leg. Also used to whiten stained and faded hair. White Powder & Winter White Touch -Up are also a great leg builder. After grooming leg with adhesives, shake and turn the can upside down and spray a heavy coat to the leg. For black cattle, use Black Touch Up to cover up the White Powder & Winter White Touch-Up.
  • Dark Cherry Touch Up Perfect for dark to medium maroon-colored cattle.
  • Rust Touch Up for any breed of lighter maroon-colored cattle.
  • Cinnamon Touch Up is ideal for red-colored cattle.
  • Fawn Touch Up is ideal for lighter red cattle breeds with a yellowish cast.

Black Show Foam & White Show Foam
Doc Brannen’s Show Foam is a fast drying foam, used to train hair and aides with clipping on show day. Simply spray a coat on to the body, and blow in until completely dry. Show Foam will provide a strong holding power for the hair and a thicker hair base. Use Black Show Foam to darken animals and White Show Foam for a clear finish.

Stierwalt's ProCharge & Show Bloom
Stierwalt's Pro Charge Reconditioning Liquid & Show Bloom are a great show day hair popper that adds volume to the hair coat. Spray an even coat across the body, then comb and blow in the desired direction for 10-15 minutes.

Stierwalt's ProGloss Finishing Spray & Final Touch
Stierwalt's ProGloss Finishing Spray & Final Touch are a light oil used to give the hair shine and volume before entering the show ring. Spray on the body and head just before entering the show ring, or blow in for the ultimate shine.

Stierwalt's ProPolish & Laser Sheen
Stierwalt's ProPolish & Laser Sheen gives cattle hair a shine while repelling dust and dirt. Laser Sheen is concentrated, simply mix a 12 ounce bottle of Laser Sheen with 1 gallon of water. Spray mixture onto body and blow into hair.
Stierwalt ProPolish is formulated as a light hair polish that is non-sticky when dry. Adds shine to hair while repelling dust and dirt. Protects follicles from the harsh environment. Stierwalt ProPolish is excellent for clipping. Provides an ideal sheen before entering the show ring and can be used daily to promote healthy hair.

Stierwalt's ProRemover & Bullseye Adhesive Remover
ProRemover & Bullseye are the best adhesive removers on the market. Stierwalt ProRemover is a mild citrus formula that effectively removes all show day adhesives and touch up paints. For best results, let Stierwalt ProRemover sit 5-10 minutes before washing with Stierwalt ProWash Mild Shampoo. Liquid.
Bullseye removes show day products while leaving hair and skin undamaged. Spray on areas where show products were applied, brush in, blow out and shampoo with Show Shampoo.

Stierwalt's ProRemover Liquid & All Gone Adhesive Remover
Stierwalt's ProRemover Liquid & All Gone Adhesive Remover are an excellent liquid adhesive dissolver that is fast acting and leaves hair clean and natural. ProRemover is a mild citrus formula that easily and effectively breaks down and removes show day adhesives & touch up paints. Use with Stierwalt ProWash Mild Shampoo. Suitable for all livestock. All Gone Adhesive Remover, Simply spray area where adhesive was applied and brush in. For best results blow out and shampoo with Show Shampoo.

Show Stopper Lamb Fungus Prevention Program Helpful Hints

Prevent Show Lamb Fungus Before It Starts

  • Feed all natural “Stop-N-Grow” fungus prevention feed additive. (Part # VSEOP)
    This will help prevent fungus and ringworm by building immunity through the internal side of the lamb. A pellet organic iodine and black walnut oil is easy to feed once a day as a top-dress. Lambs consume all the ingredients since it is in pellet form vs. picking through other granular additives.
  • Need to feed “Stop-N-Grow” for at least 3-4 weeks to get ingredients in the lambs system to have an effect.
  • Start feeding when the lamb is 60 lbs or larger

Additional Prevention Procedures At Home

  • Apply LimePlus Dip Diluted Rinse (4 oz/Gallon Water) (Part # VSELD16)
    Spray lamb once a week in barn with Sulfur Lime Rinse to help prevent or kill show lamb fungus on the external skin of the lamb. This is the most effective product we have found to work for killing show lamb fungus.

Additional Prevention When Going To Open or Jackpot Shows

  • After a show or when you are ready to load your lambs up to leave, wash lamb with Iodine Shampoo (Part # VSE9009511) and then immediately take lambs to your trailer and spray with Sulfur Lime Dip Diluted Rinse (Part # VSELP16). This is the most effective product we have found to work for killing show lamb fungus.

Prevention For Pens, Trailers, and Equipment

  • You can use diluted Sulfur Lime Dip (Part # VSELP16) to rinse or spray pens, trailers, or anyplace your lamb may come in contact with. This is the most effective product we have found to work for killing show lamb fungus.
  • You can also use PRE-VENT (Part # VSEPVQ) to spray on equipment, pens, or lambs. PRE-VENT works very well on equipment as it is not quite as harsh.

Treatment of Show Lamb Fungus on Lambs

  • When active show lamb fungus is noticed treatment should be as follows:
    Kill Fungus
    Get the surface of the skin to heal and grow hair where the fungus was located
  • There are many ways to kill show lamb fungus. The first option to kill show lamb fungus is to use Sulfur Lime Dip concentrate (Part # VSELP16). Spray directly onto the open sore.
  • Other options include:
    Straight Clorox Bleach
    Final Fungus (Part # VSESFIFF)
    John Deere Fluid Film
    Dr. Naylor Blu-Kote (Part # VSEBLUKOTE)
    Only use Blu-Kote on the heads of black face lambs as it is purple in color and will stain white wool.
  • You can use one or all of the above or a combination to kill show lamb fungus. Usually a couple of days of the above products will kill the fungus.
  • After the show lamb fungus is killed us Quick Heal (Part # VSEQH) on the skin to get it to heal and grow wool again. Quick Heal is a quick penetrating and pain relieving moisturizing cream that contains fungus fighters, moisturizers,counter-irritant, antiseptics, and other ingredients that help promote cellular renewal. Wool will usually start to grow again in 5-7 days. Apply cream 3-5 times daily. Keep cream refrigerated to maintain substance. Use this product after the fungus has been killed. It is a must to have in your show box.

All of the above products have been tested and used successfully by our Show Stopper Equipment staff. Following our complete package program will help keep your lambs in the show ring during your show season. If you have any questions please give us a call at Show Stopper Equipment (800) 848-8386. Good Luck in the Show Ring This Season!

Note: This page is no longer being updated so some of the information above may be out of date. Please use these buttons to find current information.

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