Goat & Sheep Creep and Pen Gates

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Creep Feeder Gate

  • 5 rolling bars allow lambs in and out easily
  • 4 foot long
  • Divider bars adjustable to match size of lamb
  • Adjustable legs to adjust height of gate off of ground
  • Includes 2 drop rods

5 Bar Creep Roller Gate w/Legs
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Extra Roller Bar
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(Photo has additional
6th roller bar)

Link to Grain Feeders for Sheep, Goat & Calf
(Creep & Finishing Feeders)

Sheep & Goat Pen Gates

Call 1-800-848-8386 for Information on Custom Built Sheep & Goat Pen Gates

  • Lightweight panel is easy for anyone to use around the farm or at a show.
  • Constructued of 1/2" square tubing making it lightweight but still strong enough to be used as lambing pens.
  • The 40" tall panel has narrow opening on the bottom to keep lambs/kids in the pen.
4' Sheep Gate
w/Drop Rods, Horizontal 1/2" Rod
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5'' Sheep Gate
w/Drop Rods, Horizontal 1/2" Rod
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6' Sheep Gate
w/Drop Rods, Horizontal 1/2" Rod
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