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White Clipping Oil

  • For all clipping or shearing work
  • Thin enough not to goo up blades, yet thick enough for a film to coat warm rapidly moving blades.
  • Apply 3 to 5 drops to teeth of blades, combs & cutters every 2 to3 minutes.
  • Proven to keep blades cooler than the other oils.
  • Oils is clear to reduce risk of stain to fibers.
8 oz. Bottle Clipping Oil PRE258300
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1/2 Gallon Clipping Oil PRE258400
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Oster Kool Lube

  • Instantly cools and lubricates & cleans clipper blades.
  • Non-flammmable & non-conductive & can be sprayed while equipment is running.
  • Apply often to extend the life of your blades.

14 oz can Oster Kool Lube
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Oster Blade Wash

  • Easily flushes away hair & built up hair trapped between your upper & lower cutting blades
  • Provides lubrication for clipper blades
  • Blade wash removes the factory applied preservative from new blades.
  • Keeps blades sharper, longer.

16 oz can Oster Blade Wash
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Oster Spray Disinfectant

  • Deodorizes and kills germs & bacteria
  • Eliminates odors
  • Prevents mold and mildew
  • Clean Scent

16 oz can Oster Spray Disinfectant
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Clipper Grease

  • Tough hard working lubricant specially designed to prolong the life of ALL universal motor clippers.
  • Lubricate clipper head gear mechanism every six months for a smoother running tool

1-1/4 oz tube
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Premier Screwdriver

  • The most convenient screwdriver for your shearing machine.
  • For securing combs to shearing machines.
  • Fits comb screws on all major shearing units.
  • Provides much more leverage than a normal screwdriver.
  • Even weak hands can get the comb screws tight.
  • Plastic handle is excellent for gently tapping the comb into correct alignment with the cutter without breaking a tooth of the comb.

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Small Cover for Small Clippers
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Flathead leather cover
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Sheep head leather cover
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Plastic Heads
Plastic heads with metal inserts in the wear area. Tests indicate that this more than doubles the life of a plastic head (which most prefer because of their lighter weight.
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5 Comb Blade
Plastic Storage Box

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Lister Blade Wallet
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Plastic Protective Cover
for Small Andis Clippers

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