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Premier 4000 Clipper & Shearer
  • Higher Stroke speed (2800) for clipping a large number of calves or flock shearing.
  • When high speed and power is important.
  • The choice of professionals.
  • All standard 3" blades and cutters will fit

Premier 4000C Clipping Machine

A delight to use. Same blade speed as the Lister® Stablemate™ but rare-earth permanent magnet motor delivers far more torque (power) to the blades.

Premier 4000C Package Includes:
4000C Clipper, Fine XI Blade Set, Case,
Screwdriver, 4 oz Bottle of Oil, Instruction Manual
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Premier 4000S Shearing Machine

Has a high torque, rare-earth, permanent magnet
110 volt motor that glides through dense wool and hair.
Only the most-experienced shearers can push it
fast enough to cause it to lose cutter speed.

Premier 4000S Packages Includes:
Premier 4000S Shear, Spirit or Phantom R Comb Blade,
4 point Spitfire Cutter, Case Screwdriver,
4 oz Bottle of Oil, Instruction Manual

4000 Shear Package w/13T (Sprit) Blades
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4000 Shear Package w/20T (Phantom R) Blades
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4000 Clipper Head Only

  • Two uses in one! Quickly and easily interchanges with our shear head.
  • Upgrade an old style or worn out clipper head with a new one.
  • As well as having fewer parts to break or wear out, it also has many other enhanced features. They include: Sleek, low profile ribs, shorter tension bolt, internal roller bearings, improved stainless steel inserts and a round steel drive

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4000 Shear Head Only

  • Two uses in one! Quickly and easily interchanges with our clipper head.
  • Upgrade from the old style or replace a worn out shear head.
  • Our improved "blue" shear head features a low-profile design, a suspended fork system, internal roller bearings, an advanced tension system and has no cutter retainer, which means it is more user friendly and has fewer parts to replace

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4000 Motor Only for Clipping/Shearing

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Lister Clippers & Shears

Star Clipper

Smaller, lighter, and shorter than the Stablemate.
Hi-tech motor that does not slow down when clipping.
Excellent for people with smaller hands
All Hairhead blades and Wizard blades can be used

Lister Star Clipper with Fine Blades and Case
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Lister Legend Clipper
(replaces Stablemate Clipper)

The most powerful permanent magnet motor in the range. Ergonomically shaped for comfort and designed to provide speed and durability even in the toughest conditions.

  • Extremely powerful 150w (max) motor
  • Overload switch to protect the motor
  • Ventilated head to keep blades cool
  • Snap on washable air filter
  • Carry case or bag with tools & service equipment
  • Clipper Speed 2,700 rpm

Lister Legend Clipper with Fine Blades & Case
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Lister Laser 2 Clipper

The Lister Laser 2 Clipper is a powerful, fast and efficient heavy-duty clipper. Ideal for body clipping, fitting and trimming cattle and horses. Ideal when used with Wizard LR blade set (sold separately), followed by fine blade set, for slick shearing club lambs, sheep, alpacas and llamas

Lister Laser 2 Clipper w/Fine Blades & Case
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Aluminum Shear Head Option
for Laser Lister Clipper
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Lister Laser 2 Shear

The Lister Laser 2 Shear is a professional unit, ideal for shearing sheep, goats, alpacas and llamas or blocking cattle. Cuts through dirty, dense coats with ease. Patented ventilated head to cool the blades

Lister Laser 2 Shear with blades & case
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Clipper head option
LIS825200 Ordering Information

Wahl Clippers

Wahl Bravura Cord/Cordless Adjustable Blade Clipper

  • Professional cord/cordless clipper features a torque control motor to automatically increase power when clipping thick, matted coats.
  • Five-position blade adjusts cutting lengths from 0.1 to 3 mm equating to a #9 blade, #10, #15, #30, & a #40 blade.
  • Contoured hand piece has a soft rubber grip for comfort & control. Includes an LCD battery indicator screen, quick-charge feature. Operates up to 80 minutes on a single charge.
  • When battery life is low, plug the cord in & the battery will charge while in use!


  • Charging stand, plug-in transformer with 10' cord.
  • Precision ground Fine detachable high carbon steel blade.
  • Precision ground Coarse detachable blade available.
  • Four attachment combs (3 mm, 6 mm, 9 mm, and 12 mm)
  • Clipper oil, cleaning brush, & instructions
  • One year manufacturer's warranty

Wahl Bravura Clipper WAHL41870-0430A
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Andis AGC Super 2-Speed Clipper
  • Andis built a professional clipper with all the right features
  • With a shatter-proof housing, this quiet, cool-running clipper is a durable solution that's ideal for the most specialized grooming techniques.
  • Add a generous 14-foot cord and you can work just about anywhere without having to change power sources.
  • Detachable Blade
  • Available with Super Blocking (wide) Blade, #10 Blade or T84 Blade

Pictured with T84 Blade

Pictured with #10 Blade

Pictured with Super Blocking Blade

Andis AGC
Super 2-Speed Clipper - Green

Blade choices:

  • # 10 Blade
  • Super Blocking Blade
  • T84 Blade

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Andis AGC
2-Speed Clipper - Maroon

Blade choices:

  • # 10 Blade
  • Super Blocking Blade
  • T84 Blade

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Andis AGC Ultra Edge
Super 2-Speed Clipper - Blue

Blade choices:

  • #10 Blade
  • Super Blocking Blade

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Andis SMC Excel Variable 5-Speed Clipper

The Excel™ clipper is a unique solution for cool-running low speed clipping or high speed for faster results. Used by expert fitters in the industry, such as Kirk Stierwalt, this clipper is durable, runs quiet, is virtually maintenance-free and is interchangeable with all industry Andis and A5 detachable blades.

  • The lower speeds of this five-speed powerful rotary motor clipper run cooler for clipping around sensitive areas while the higher speeds produce a prettier coat finish.Rubber anti-slip housing.
  • Detachable blades change and clean easily.
  • Blade speed up to 4,500 strokes per minute.
  • 10% faster than the AGC Super 2-Speed
  • Comes with UltraEdge Super Blocking Blade or #10 blade and 4 oz. clipper oil
Andis Excel 5-Speed Clipper - Black
with #10 Blade
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Andis Excel 5-Speed Clipper - Green
with Super Blocking Blade
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Andis Pulse ZR11

Andis Pulse ZR 11 Cordless Clipper
with #10 Blade & Removeable Battery
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Andis Clippers

Andis Pulse ZR Cordless Clipper

  • Heavy-duty, detachable blade clipper now in cordless design delivers a 2-hour run time on a 2-hour charge.
  • Lithium-ion power mated with powerful rotary motor to cut any hair type.
  • 5 speeds: Adjustable from 2,500 to 4,500 strokes per minute.

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Andis AGR+ Cordless Clipper

The Andis® Super AGR+ Cordless Clipper is a lightweight, powerful and ultra-quiet professional dog grooming clipper. Great for everyday grooming. The battery charger with Sensa Charge fully charges the battery in one hour, without overcharging, resulting in one continuous hour of running time. Refresh button revitalizes and reconditions battery overnight.

  • Lightweight and powerful
  • Break-resistant housing
  • Maintenance free — no oiling or greasing of internal parts
  • Ergonomic rounded handpiece
  • Removable battery pack can be recharged separately from clipper
  • One hour running time
  • Kit includes ergonomic, break-resistand handpiece, carrying case, charging stand, battery pack, #10 CeramicEdge blade or wide blade, clipping oil, and user manual.

Andis AGR+ Clipper with Narrow Blade & Case
ANDIS64800 Ordering Information

Andis AGR+ Clipper with Wide Blade & Case
ANDIS64800W Ordering Information

Andis Extra Battery

Can be used as a replacement battery for the Andis AGR+ Clipper, or you can Go Cordless on the Andis AGRC Power Groom Clipper, which is needed to aid in transforming into a cordless clipper.

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Andis Battery Charger
  • For use with AGRC and AGR+ clippers
  • Recharges battery in one hour or less and will not overcharge
  • Refresh mode recharges and conditions battery to maximum performance overnight
  • Accessory option needed to convert the Andis AGRC Power Groom Clipper into a cordless, or can be used as replacement charger for the Andis AGR+ clipper.

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Andis Cord Pack Adapter
  • Convert your cordless clipper to corded for endless hours of use.
  • For use with AGRC and AGR+ clippers.
  • 8 foot cord
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Andis Heavy-Duty Sheep Shear

  • Comes w/blades and case
  • Smooth running
  • Low vibration and less heat
  • Possibly the best shear on the market!

Andis Heavy-Duty Sheep Shear
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Oster Power Pro Ultra Cordless Clipper

  • The PowerPro Ultra cordless clipper features a powerful universal rotary motor that provides 3,300 strokes per minute.
  • Redesigned battery is slimmer for better comfort and balance along with a longer lasting run time of 60 minutes.
  • Sold with two battery packs, charger stand, carrying case and blade.

Oster Power Pro Ultra Cordless Clipper
with Case, 2 batteries & #10 Blade
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Charging Base for Power Pro Ultra Cordless Clipper

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Oster Clipmaster®
Clipping Machine - Variable Speed

Perfect for detailed clipping on horses, lambs and cattle, these lightweight, cool-running, versatile clippers will get the job done quickly and efficiently. Infinite speed settings and an adjustable tension knob make these clippers easy to use. Available with standard blades and a longer cutting blade for surgical cuts for hogs and cattle. Case included.

Features & Options:

  • Heavy Duty 2 speed clipper for body clipping
  • Slower speed for face & legs, Faster speed for body & tough areas
  • Comes in a tool box for convenient storage
  • All Clippers Include a CryogenX™ Blade

Oster Variable Speed Clipmaster - Blue
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Oster Clipmaster®
Clipping Machine - Single Speed

Handle your cattle, horses, lambs and other animal’s grooming with ease with these clippers that deliver 3,000 strokes per minute and stand up to any challenge, complete with an adjustable tension knob for easier blade adjustment and a quieter, cooler-running motor.

Features & Options:

  • Heavy Duty Clipper for body clipping
  • New housing, little maintenance
  • Comes in a tool box for convenient storage
  • All Clippers Include a CryogenX™ Blade

Oster Single Speed Clipmaster - Black
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Oster Showmaster®
Shearing Machine - Variable Speed

Everything you need to fit your cattle, shear sheep and llamas, is standard fair in the ShowMaster®. Variable speeds, from 700 to 3,000 cutting strokes per minute, offer more trimming and fitting choices for your horses, cattle, sheep and goats, while clearly marked tension knobs provide easier blade adjustments. A 3" shearing head with 20-tooth Goat comb and 4-point cutter also make life easier for shearing jobs, and a 13 tooth comb and 4 pt cutter as well as other comb and cutter combinations will make all your jobs a “sheer” joy

Features & Options:

  • Heavy Duty Variable Speed clipper with Comb and Cutter blade for sculpting and fitting
  • New Housing, improved tension knob
  • Comes in a tool box for convenient storage
  • New silver color with soft touch lower housing for added comfort
  • Clearly marked tension knobs allow for easier blade adjustment
  • All Clippers Include a CryogenX™ Blade

Oster Variable Speed Showmaster - Silver OST78153-013
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Oster Shearmaster®
Shearing Machine - Single Speed

Packing a powerful punch, this machine is the choice of shearing professionals around the world for fitting cattle, shearing sheep and llamas. Its 3” head runs cooler than ever, and its clearly marked tension knob means easier blade adjustments for a variety of jobs. A 13-tooth comb and 4-point cutter give a high-quality shearing job with few second cuts in the fleece, and various other comb and cutter combinations are also available to handle all your jobs.

Features & Options:

  • Heavy Duty Single Speed clipper with combs and cutter blades for sculpting and fitting
  • New Housing, improved tension knob
  • Comes in a tool box for convenient storage
  • All Clippers Include a CryogenX™ Blade

Oster Single Speed Shearmaster - Yellow OST78153-003
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Oster Shear Head

Oster Shear Head
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Oster Clipmaster Head

Oster Clipper Head
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