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Oster & Wahl Small Clipper Blades
Fits Andis, Mini Micro, Mini Lazer, and Oster brands.
Blocking Blade
for blocking cattle 1/32" depth
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Medium Blade
dull tipped 1/8" depth
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Opti Block
super sharp tipped thin blade
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Wahl X-Block Blocking Blade
Super Sharp and cuts thru adhesives with ease.
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The Wahl Ultimate Competition blades

  • Higher performing blade that cuts 2.5 times faster than the standard Competition X-Block blade.
  • Precision ground High carbon steel to stay sharp longer than previous x-block blades.
  • Updated new tooth geometry for smoother feeding and faster cutting of hair.
  • Patented clear-out design prevents hair and residue from building up.
  • Cuts through glue with no drag.
  • Each blade is hand tested for sharpness before leaving the production line
Wahl X-Blending
Black Rust/Glue Resistant
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Wahl X-Blocking
Black Rust/Glue Resistant
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Wahl #10W
Black Rust/Glue Resistant
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Andis Small Clipper Blades
Andis® UltraEdge™ Clipper Blades are made from carbon-infused steel
for a harder cutting surface that lasts longer
Size #10 Standard
1/16" cutting depth
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Size #7 Finish Cut
1/8" cutting depth
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Size #5 Finish Cut
1/4" cutting depth
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Size #4 Finish Cut
3/8" cutting depth
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Size #3-3/4 FC
1/2" cutting depth
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Size #5/8 HT
5/8" cutting depth
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Size #30 Close Cut
1/100" cutting depth
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Size #40
1/125" Surgical Blade
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Andis Super Blocking Blade
A thin and sharped tooth blades for the professional.
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Andis Blue Ribbon
Blocking Blade

The Blue Ribbon Blocking Blade provides an extension to Andis’s livestock grooming blade line.

The Blue Ribbon blade features a blue color that stands out against any coat color, making it easier for groomers to see exactly what is being cut.

The razor sharp tips are ideal for professional cattle fitters who need to get through show day products, such as adhesives.

This blade fits on any Andis professional detachable blade clipper and is ideal for professional use beef cattle, goats, and sheep.

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Andis Medium Blending Blade
Dull tipped blade has medium thickness. Leaves hair stubble 1/8". Excellent for blending necks or areas that do not need to be shaved. Works best by using the "back dragging" technique or by clipping with the direction of the hair.
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Andis T-84 Blade Wide
3/16" cut

The T-84 blade is an excellent finishing blade. Recommended for use after clipping with a medium blending blade. Simply back drag areas on the neck or rear quarter for a smoother finish. Also used to clip shaved areas on the head, tail and rear quarter. This will enhance these areas by giving an ultra smooth appearance
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Detachable steel blades fit all Andis AG, AGC, AGP, AGR+ and AGRC models. Leaves hairs 3/64? – 1.2 mmm

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Size: 3/4 HT

Leaves Hair Inch: 3/4 "
Leaves Hair mm: 19 mm
plated, carbon-edged blade set for Andis detachable blade clippers. Can also be used with other brands of detachable type clippers.
Animals: Cattle, Horse
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Andis BLADE #01591

Adjustable Blade Set (includes top and bottom blade) | Adjustable from Size: 00000 to Size 000 | Leaves Hair Inch: 1/150 " or 0.1 mm | Surgical Blade | This blade is close enough to shave.

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Ceramic Blades for Small Clippers

What is the advantage
of a ceramic clipper blade?

  • Ceramic blades are light weight and highly durable.
  • They do not transmit heat so they run cool and fast.
  • They stay sharper longer.
  • Best of all they cut smoother and faster.
Size #10 - Ceramic
Leaves hair 1/16" (1.6 mm). General clipping on underbody, face, and head. ANDIS64315
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Size #30 Close Cut - Ceramic
Leaves hair 1/50" (0.5 mm). Very close clipping on udder, tail, and head. ANDIS64071
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Lister & Premier Clipper Blades
Lister A2S Surgical
Will shave nearly all fiber down to skin.
.03 in. depth.
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Premier Surgical
Surgicals shave the fiber down to the skin.
35 teeth, .04 cutting depth
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Lister Super Surgical
Super Surgical, A2SS, .02” cutting depth - Leaves a super smooth finish - no lines! Works great for clipping heads on cattle or slick shearing lambs.
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Premier Super Surgical
Trims the closest of any blade available. It can give thin skinned animals the appearance of razor burn if not used by an experienced clipper. This blade can only be sharpened 1 to 3 times in its lifetime. For slick shearing lambs, For surgical procedures 35 teeth. 0.02 normal cutting depth
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Lister A2F Fine
Cuts closer & smoother than all blades except surgicals. 35 teeth, 2.95 in. wide, .06 in cutting depth
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Premier Fine
For slick shearing sheep & clipping heads and bellies of cattle. .06 cutting depth
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Lister A2 Medium
.08 in cutting depth. Often preferred for pink skinned breeds. 35 teeth, 2.95 in wide
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Premier Medium
For slick shearing pink-skinned sheep breeds.
.08 cutting depth.
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Lister CA2 Coarse
.11 in cutting depth. Finish is less smooth. Superior for cutting through dirt. 18 teeth, 3.03 in wide, good for llamas, alpacas, and shearing small flocks
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Premier Coarse
For shearing llamas and alpacas. Good for cutting through dirt.
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Lister Wizard - 13 Tooth Show Set

  • Same shape & number of teeth as 13 tooth combs.
  • LR lower blade has longer, more rounded tooth tips for blocking sheep and shearing small flocks of sheep.
  • SS has shorter teeth tips - that are sharp for cutting out show steers and breeding sheep

Lister Wizard - 13 Tooth - Cattle (SS Sharp)

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Lister Wizard - 13 Tooth - Sheep (LR Dull)

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Lister Wizard - 20 Tooth Show Set

  • Similar to 13, but the lower blade has 20 teeth.
  • Takes precision cutting to an even higher level.
  • Available with round or sharp tooth tips.

Lister Wizard - 20 Tooth - Sheep (LR Dull)

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Lister Wizard - 20 Tooth - Cattle (SS Sharp)

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Camelid Comb
Specialized comb for shearing llamas, alpacas, vincunas, guanacos and camels. Leaves a cover of 6 - 10 mm of hair/wool. Twin beveled. 13 teeth (every other one elevated), 3.65 mm thick, 77 mm wide

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Comb Lifter
For use on camelids, goats and other hair species. Tricky to use at first (must be held level to achieve a consistent fiber length). But nothing else works as well. Now made of a durable plastic (vs. metal) with a lower price tag.

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Lister Lifter Hog Blade
1/2" guard permanently attached to Lister Fine Blade
Sometimes you need to tidy an animal up but want to leave a longer coat. The lifter blades will allow you to do this, leaving 13mm hair.

Works great for body clipping show pig.
Can also be used on cattle or goats.

Fits Premier Clippers, Stablemate and Star

. Fits Legend, Star, and Premier clippers. Cutting depth of 1/2

Wahl/Lister Fine Hog Blade w/1/2" Guard Attached
  • 1/2" guard permanently attached to Lister Fine Blade
  • Works great for body clipping show pig. Can be used on cattle or goats.
  • Leaves hair 1/2" (13mm)
  • Fits Lister Legend, Stablemate, Star & Premier Clippers
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Blades & Combs for Shearers

Diamond 9 Cutter
Leaves a smoother finish than a 4 pt. cutter.
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Standard 4 pt. cutter

Will fit all 3" shearers. Use with 9, 13, 17, 23 & 24 tooth combs.

4 Pt. Spitfire Cutter - Premier
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Lister Claw 4 Pt Cutter
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Oster 4 Pt Diamond Cutter
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Blackhawk 92 Comb

For blocking show sheep and cattle. 13 teeth with one side flared. Medium bevel.
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Blades & Combs for Shearers
24 Tooth Oster Show Groomer & Blocking Combs
For smooth blocking of show cattle and sheep. Show Groomer has dull tips for shearing lambs.

Show Groomer - Dull Tips
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Blocking Comb - Sharp Tips
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Blackhawk 94 Comb
For blocking show sheep and cattle. For fine and medium wooled sheep. 13 teeth with both sides flared. Long bevels.

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13 Tooth Comb
Standard 13 tooth comb for general shearing & tagging of sheep. For blocking of cattle and sheep.
Dull tips. 3.2 mm thick.

Spirit 13 Tooth Comb
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Arizona Thin 13
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17 Tooth Mohair Comb

For shearing goats. Both sides are flared.

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20 Tooth Combs
Phantom Comb - Premier

Oster 20 Tooth Comb
Lister X-Caliber 20 SS Comb

For precision shaping of show animals. The 20R has dull tips for sheep. The 20S has sharp tips for show cattle.

Premier Phantom 20R PRE863300
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Premier Phantom 20S PRE863400
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Oster 20 Tooth Dull OSTP7112
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Oster 20 Tooth Sharp OST78554-096
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Lister X-Caliber Sharp LIS863400
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9 Tooth Apache Comb

For range ewes, feeder lambs and winter shearing. Leaves extra wool for protection from cold or sun.
3.6 mm thick.
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Combs & Cutters for 2-1/2" Heads
PC3 Oster 3 Pt Cutter
Standard 3 pt cutter for 2-1/2" head.
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PC10 Oster Comb
10 tooth wide comb with dull tips.
For 2-1/2" head.
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PC17 Oster Comb
17 tooth comb with dull tips.
For 2-1/2" head.
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Speed - O - Guide Clipper Guides

Size 00 1/16" VPESOG00
Size 0 3/16" VPESOG0
Size 0A 5/16" VPESOG0A
Size 1 7/16" VPESOG1
Size 1A 9/16" VPESOG1A
Size 2 11/16" VPESOG2

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Flathead Blades
Fits Andis and Oster Clipmaster
31 Tooth Bottom Blade
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Surgical Bottom Blade
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15 Tooth Top Blade
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31 Tooth Combo Pack
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Full Tooth Plucking Blade

Clipmaster Thick Bottom Full Tooth Blade | Produces a smooth 1/4" cut (cuts fine to close); taper-thin grooming blade is great for show clipping as well as general clipping on large livestock. Wide tooth spacing for easy entry into thick or matted hair. For use with ClipMaster clippers

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