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Pole and Curtain Display Kit

Spruce up your livestock displays with these lightweight aluminum display poles, cross bar and curtains that also serve as a great way to display your pedigree signs. Kit includes two display poles, two base assemblies, one telescoping cross bar, and one polyester, flame resistant curtain.

  • Upright Display Pole: 96: H x 1-1/2" Diameter
  • Base Assembly: 14" L x 16" W
  • Telescoping Cross Bar: Adjusts from 8' to 14' wide.
  • Curtain: 144" W x 26" H

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Special Online Price $170 - regularly $209

Marking Crayons - Temperature Specific

  • Available for 3 average daily temperature ranges:
  • Hot 85 - 100 degrees
  • Mild 65 - 85 degrees
  • Cold 25 - 65 degreesPlastic pins are included with each crayon. Available in Red, Blue, Green, Orange, Black, Yellow

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While Supplies Last - Special Reduced Price

Valhoma Sheep Halter w/5' Lead
& Adjustable Chin

  • Top Quality 3/4" Nylon doubled stitched.
  • Detachable 5 ft lead with looped hand holds and snap.
  • Double buckle.
  • Both side and chin straps are adjustable
  • Green, and Red - Special Sale Price
    (other colors available at regular price)

Special Online Price - While Supplies Last

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Bullseye Remover

Targets showday adhesives and white leg builders and breaks them down with ease. Wash out with show shampoo.

Case of 12 VCEZBULLSEYE-12
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While Supplies Last

Show Flush
Designed to clean the intestinal tract and improve health
through a process of delivering properly balanced nutrition into the blood stream
by improving feed and nutrient assimilation. Thus improved health and feed efficiency

Cleaning the Gut

The villi that you see in the diagram on the right are hair-like flanges that are located on the inner wall of the small intestine.

The small intestine is a tube that uses a natural motion to push fecal material through itself. This motion is much like that of a snake moving across the ground. When functioning correctly, the small intestine sloughs off mucus buildup that covers the epithelial wall. When an animal has a virus, the villi are damaged, in turn reducing the animal's ability to absorb. This combination of mucus buildup and damaged villi multiply the problem of improper absorption.

ANT Health's proprietary blends provide a nutritional mechanism used by the animal's body to clean the "gut" and a trace mineral package to rebuild the villi. These proprietary blends are well-balanced and well-absorbed mixtures of trace minerals and vitamins that work simultaneously to restore proper intestinal functions.

Show Flush Feed Additive
for Pig, Sheep & Goats

  • 3.75 lbs Top Dress & 2.5 oz liquid feed additive
  • 60 day supply

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Show Flush Feed Additive
for Cattle

  • 15 lbs top dress & 8 oz liquid feed additive
  • 60 day supply

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Clearance & Close Out Items
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Weaver Black Touch Up Paint

Provides a natural color ideal for enahncing the animal's black color when needed, especially on hooves. Covers show day adhesives without weakening the hold.

Product renamed
now selling as ProTouch Base Black

Black Touch Up Paint
10 oz can
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Case of 12 cans
VCEZKSPBB-12 $72.00
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ProTouch Final Black
By Kirk Stierwalt

The glossy black, shine-enhancing finish of this paint highlights the depth and dimension achieved by Base Black ProTouch while providing a blending transition from the body to the legs for the desired show ring look.

Product renamed & sold as
ProTouch Maxx Black

ProTouch Final Black

10 oz Can - VCEZKSPB $6.50
Case of 6 cans $36.00

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ProTouch Glossy Black
By Kirk Stierwalt

With a glossier finish, Stierwalk Glossy Black, Protouch is used to cover show day adhesives and provides a perfect transition from the body to the legs. It is fast drying and will not weakern your adhesives. When you want a perfect black balance on show day this product delivers.

Product renamed & now selling as Maxx Black

10 oz can Glossy Black $6.50
Case of 10 cans Glossy Black $60

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No Sweat
for Bulls & Steers

  • No Sweat™ is formulated for use on Bulls and Steers.
  • For owners who want smoother lines
  • Safe, natural and drug free
  • Usage: Feed to bull or steer at the rate of 6 oz. per head, per day. Best if split fed. Double the amount fed for first four days.
  • 50 lb. pail - 133 feedings
  • 50 LB Bucket No Sweat

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Oxy-Gen Feed Additive

  • All natural product that increases the strength of the respiratory system
  • Increases appetites, promotes hair growth and improves muscle development
  • Feed 3 oz. per head/day for calves, sheep, pigs

50 LB Pain of Ox-Gen
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Oxy-Gen Xtra

Oxy-Gen Xtr is made from high-quality northern oats, coated in a light oil and the original Oxy-Gen™ formula. This light soybean oil is not chemically extracted from the seed, so the possibility of chemical contamination is eliminated, which can lead to reduced feed consumption. Having an oil coating, Oxy-Gen Xtra™ is virtually a dust-free product and will not contribute to respiratory conditions associated with dusty feeds and supplements. Oxy-Gen Xtra™ contains a special flavoring for increased palatability and acceptance by your animal and is an excellent choice for animals that prefer grain. Oxy-Gen Xtra™ does not contain high levels of vitamins and/or minerals, so Oxy-Gen Xtra™ will not interfere with or tie up important nutrients in the diet, making it a perfect complement to any feeding program. Like all Oxy-Gen™ products, Oxy-Gen Xtra™ is safe, natural, and drug-free. Feed 4 oz. per head, per day

16 LB Pail Oxy-Gen Xtra
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